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Nashville, Tennessee
Twenty-something Amanda has lost 60lbs in 6 months through good ol'-fashioned diet and exercise. Real, honest, and occasionally witty, she blogs to celebrate her success, share the knowledge she's learned along the way, and document her continued journey to better health.
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Starting the week off with limbs of jello

With “workout” on my to-do list for Monday, I had no solid plans of fitting one into my schedule until I received a text from a friend at 9:30...

3N1 and Orphan Easter

I have pressed ’snooze’ on my blog reminder for almost two weeks now. Do I even need to write about my continued attempt at balance? I think...

There’s no place like Om

After my very first yoga class last weekend, I was looking forward to my second one all week. Especially after this week. As we get closer...

The wheels on the bike go ’round and ’round

Dear Spinning, I have heard so much about you! My friends love you and I was sure that I would come to know you as they do. But today. Oh,...

Kickboxing: the morning after

I feel like I conquered a few fears of mine yesterday by taking kickboxing. I’ve always gravitated toward trying new things, but in the past...
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