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Health Maven's Answer
Keep away from any processed foods. To avoid blood sugar spikes and additives you... more
Mar 29 2012 11:44pm
Bill, As a Certified Holistic Nutrionist I wanted to respond to you with some... more
Mar 29 2012 11:40pm
Dear Striving, I've heard this story a number of times with clients. I am a... more
Mar 29 2012 11:34pm
You might need to act as though you are a celiac and try a gluten free diet. I... more
Mar 29 2012 11:26pm
If you actually have a fecal impaction you should have it dealt with sooner rather... more
Mar 29 2012 11:20pm
Why does she use them? It sounds like sugar addiction as opposed to anything else.... more
Mar 29 2012 11:17pm
Yes your skin will go back to normal but you're likely going to have to eat a... more
Mar 29 2012 11:11pm
Rachael, Another interesting sugar substitute that is not a chemical concoction if... more
Mar 29 2012 11:01pm
Eek! Judi, I'm distressed by your quesiton. For one major reason anyone who has... more
Mar 29 2012 10:55pm
Deb, I think low carb can be a great solution for health reasons. First of all what... more
Mar 29 2012 10:43pm