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Amanda is a writer, certified nutritionist, who has fun while maintaining good health. Amanda has... Full Bio
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For heaven's sake eat some fat....

It's still beautiful outside, but fall weather is looming and so is back to school. Not that i'm in school but somehow this time of year is...

Is there such a thing as healthy booze?

I've been away from my blogging for awhile - busy. So what do you drink? And I don't mean water. When you kick back, have a few, get...

How good do you really feel?

How we feel on a daily basis is a relative thing. If you mostly feel kinda of crappy then an OK day can seem great. I love spring - the...

Eat to Live Longer

I'm addicted to several things in life. 1. Lainey Gossip 2. TED Talks 3. Starting something new. None of these are particularly bad...

I love steak...and K-way jackets

My life is the perfect example of food trends. I've pretty much done them all. I was a vegetarian for years, then I was a vegan, I'd like to...

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Welcome to our Health Community, Cheers!
Feb 09 2011 by Jeff K.
Thanks for being an awesome Maven!!
Feb 08 2011 by MsLori225
Thank you much. I had a sweet tooth as a child but I was childhood obese -- back then -- and I am VERY ridig about my diet.  Strangely, I've noticed when I look at pictures when I was a child that I wasn't that thick of a kid compared to the kids nowdays. It's very sad to have gone through one generation and see what processed foods have done and our acceptance of them to our entire country.