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Swim, bike, run. That's what i do. That's what I love. I'm often asked how I find time to do "stuff". It's taken some time and some experimentation, but I've found ways to get chores done (laundry, dishes, groceries...), socialize, take care of my little Clubber (my adorable black... Full Bio
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So many things!

I have no better post title because there are just SO MANY THINGS that have taken place since I last posted. Training wise,  I took two...

Land Between the Lakes 50

So….I did my first 50 miler on Saturday in Grand Rivers, KY at Land Between the Lakes. Actually, my first Ultra ever! And I was incredibly...

untitled was going really great. I was doing 70 mile weeks very comfortably, including hill work and long runs. and then i got up to 80...

The 100 Mile Challenge

This year was an incredible year of training and racing. I learned a lot. And, honestly, I've had a blast learning how to swim and ride these last...

8 Seconds

No, I'm not talking about that bull riding movie with Luke Perry. I'm talking about how many seconds over 11 hours it took me to complete IMKY. ...
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