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I am a runner and triathlete who has been competing for the past 12 years. I began my athletic competition under the direct supervision of Coach Troy Jacobson, one of the nation's first and most experienced endurance sports coaches. Over the years I have completed hundreds of races, from 5k... Full Bio
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Who’s that runner?

On Saturday, as I headed out for my miserable wet long run, I passed two other women not far from home. Later in the day, when posting to...

Friday Five

I kind of miss the days when THIS was soccer for my kids 1. I may be a runner but this weekend is going to be all about soccer. Both...

Find the joy in your racing

It’s hard not to be happy when your course looks like this! (Victoria Gastro Pub Running Festival) Here comes your daily dose of...

Racing, I’ve missed you!

If it’s possible for a race experience to be any better than yesterday, I’m not sure how. I ran the Victoria’s Gastro Pub 10-miler,...

I’m racing this weekend!

A shot from the course Well, let’s use that term “racing” loosely, shall we? Because I am not in any kind of race shape. But I am in...

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