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Amanda K.

South Windsor, Connecticut
I'm a foodie that's brand new to foodie-m. I am an exceptional picky eater, so my journey through finding delicious food has been a difficult one. But never fear! I can cook! So join me on my journey through trying to find delicious find to cook at home and still keep it healthy.
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Iced Coffee Owns My Soul...wait, isn't that like four things that do now?

Geez, my soul must be huge for me to have so many things that own it. I love iced coffee. It has much more caffeine (double, from what I hear!)...

Roasted Vegetables and Mouthgasms!

No lie, I really wanted to title this "Roasted Veggies and Oral Orgasms" but I figured I'd get the wrong kind of traffic. Anyway, I happen to...

Chicken Chorizo Sausage w/ Thin Spaghetti: Oh Em Gee

Hi, guys! Long time no see. Apologies for the absence - life has a crazy way of working. In news, I moved from Connecticut back to Brooklyn!...

A Frankenstorm is a'Brewin!

So being here on the East Coast, the scene as of recent years of many a storm, we are preparing for the latest storm to hit us! Hurricane...

Quiona Salad w/ Chicken and Artichoke Hearts

If you're like me sometimes you go a little bananas trying to figure out what to do with your leftover rotisserie chicken. Should I make soup?...

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