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I'm a 30-something woman with a wonderful husband, fulfilling career and great friends and family. We have two dogs and two cats who are definitely ready for us to be successful in our attempts at having a baby so we can stop babying them! After miscarriages, IUIs and IVF, we are doing a cryo... Full Bio
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This blog will be on hiatus while we are dealing with such a tragedy in our lives.

Fuck you, Flag Day

Oh, Flag Day... you seemingly benign holiday. To be honest, seven years ago I didn't even know about you. I suppose your intended purpose is to...

What IF

I've been pretty much off the radar these past few weeks. I've been following all of your journeys, just can't manage to comment. But I'm thinking...


I just read this great post about longing. It spoke to me and reminded me that there is something to be said for experiencing what this life hands...


Well, I have no willpower. I tested again. Nada. I am not doing my Lovenox or PIO tonight. No more Prometrium or Estrace & I just took off my...

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