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Memory Day Common Sense Proposals by L.S.Fisher Patient Expert I found my cousin, Karen, and her lobbying partner at what they called their “office.” This was a... Read on »
Our Eventful Morning by Cassjones Sometimes, a day spent with mom can be quiet and a little boring. She rarely comes out to the living room... Read on »
Foundation Update by Cassjones Every now and then I like to give an update on all that is happening with The DEANA Foundation. I've... Read on »


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Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, which describes the loss of mental abilities. For example, as memory and reasoning. Alzheimer's disease is a... » Read on
It is particularly difficult to diagnose Alzheimer's disease because many of the symptoms are similar to other conditions. No case of Alzheimer's disease is ever the... » Read on
It is still unknown what actually causes the deterioration of brain cells, although there are several factors that are known to make an impact on the development of Alzheimer's... » Read on
The symptoms of Alzheimer's disease can similar to the symptoms of other health conditions. For example: vitamin... » Read on
There is currently no cure for Alzheimer's disease, although there are various medications available on prescription from your doctor that can help delay the development of the... » Read on

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