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Yikes! I did it again!

Posted Jun 15 2010 1:16pm
Well, it's been two weeks since I last ventured onto this site. It's not that I don't remember. I just ignore the responsibility, putting it off until tomorrow... again and again.

Things are going OK but Jenni is having big troubles with her back. She thinks she broke a rib and her past history of osteoporoses and broken ribs would go along with it. X-rays seem to confirm her diagnosis. Anyway, she has joined the walking wounded in our neighborhood. 

I got a Nook e-book reader for Christmas. I really like it but it has its drawbacks. To download a new book I have to select one and instruct the company to charge my account. Sounds simple but its got several hitches most of which I don't understand. Apparently when we left our credit card account numbers. we then canceled the card... or something... so now I'm trying to reach someone by phone. That is always fun. There wait time is so long they advised that I call between 5 and 8 PM, east coast time.

We're planning a new cruise. This time from the northwest to Alaska. Going to see Donnale park, big mountains and glaciers in late August and early Sept. Ought to me fun and interesting.

Well that's it. We have to dash off to the store, I'll get back to you before fall...
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