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Wonderful back not Pierce block

Posted Mar 20 2013 6:51am

Wonderful back not Pierce block


"Every time we went to Boston play, there is always a great atmosphere, however, now they clearly wanted to see us lose," wade said when it comes to the celtics fans before the game. "For celtics fans, they want to see their team beat us, and we must start from the start of the game to cope with this challenge, I believe there will be very noisy." Wade said indeed as expected, match in the beginning, the heat is lost in a hostile atmosphere, can say such an environment as a struggle between the playoffs. Offensive to heat at a play, wade, very not easy to do a hook, and after the heat's offense is like opened the gate, score continuously continuously. Celtics today actually less garnett, they appear in the protection of insider half-heartedly, but in terms of defensive and offensive against, they're doing is good. Wade has good AdiZero Rose 3.0 jumpers can ever since, but did not hold. For a moment he added to foul, looks a bit impatient. Section times the heat wanted to open time dwyane wade, but dwyane wade got free throws after two free throws with bos, this also let reporters at the scene of the heat sighs the celtics clover charms "in". Fortunately, wade soon with a beautiful 2 + 1 back face. Hit 5 minutes time section, interesting cases, terry tried to launch a AdiZero Crazy Light 2 fast break, but he didn't notice that wade, behind was wade suddenly attack, the walk off the ball, speed is not the kui is a flash! After make a steal, wade immediately behind a look at the people passing, accurately put the ball to his teammates, the action he is MVP, feel good, let a person gasp in admiration. Wade career against the celtics has averaged 21.3 points and 6 assists and 4 rebounds, and 1.6 steals data performance, today he had 10 points in the first half, mobile warfare 4 of 8 shots, efficiency is good, but mediocre free-throw line, only 3 of 5. The heat played a very solid in the second half, with every attack, rhetoric of execution. Fall into the trench warfare, lebron's passing is more sharp, wade soon got the ball in the basket directly Cheap Jordan Super Fly to both hands Slam Dunk! Equalised. Then match wade try to continue to look for opportunities, particularly off the AdiZero Rose 2.0 ball thrust, but the celtics to the chance of not too much, are less likely to wade plays the terminator on the offensive end, so he has a lot of time in coordination, and the organization for his team-mates. May be long dormant let wade is a little soft, 44 seconds, when the heat need to attack score, wade's performance didn't can Pierce's defense, his fadeaway jumper action was more beautiful, but the shot when the ball is Pierce caught, cover, the heat attack all time has run out. The last 1.9 seconds, wade crowd will rebound protection down, finally headed for the heat. The heat to a 105-103 victory, scored 23 wins in a row.

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