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Why am I Losing things, like my car keys, pen, etc?

Posted by Lall

My problem is that after putting things down I can remember where I put them.


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Three years ago I was having the same problem and then began having spells of disorientation while driving. I talked to my doctor and he ordered an MRI, a PET scan and a psychometric test. He said the word I didn't want to hear.... Alzheimer's.

Well, thank God he did! I've been on medication that helped tremendously and now am an active advocate for the Alzheimer's Association. I want to make a difference in the time I have left. Don't be frightened by the diagnosis. Progression is slow and new drugs are on the horizon. 

The time to worry is not when you forget where you put these things. That happens to everyone. The neurologists say that the time to worry is when you don't know what each of these things is for, or what they do.
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