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What questions should I ask my father's GP if I think he may have dementia?

Posted by confused1nsc

My father has exhibited inappropriate behavior (accused someone of having an affair with no proof), he's been telling someone that they have had conversations on two occasions that never took place and he seems to be paranoid that his brother is out to make him look crazy in order to take control of a joint business venture. I will be meeting with my father's GP and really don't know where to start. I've not actually witnessed any of this myself. It's all coming from others. I don't feel that I can talk with my father because I don't want to upset him about how these symptoms have been communicated to me. If he's not thinking clearly, I'm afraid he'll become very angry against the person(s) who have told me this stuff. However, I don't feel that what I've been told is untrue. My mother has her own health issues to deal with and I haven't been able to talk with her due to her fragile state. What questions would you suggest asking the GP?
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You could start by printing off this question and showing it to your family doctor. At this point the doctor probably will have a lot more questions for you than answers. You should try to present all your concerns and all of the history you can. All of your father's health issues, and previous history are relevant, any medications, past medical and psychiatric history if any are important. So concentrate on all information, facts and history and provide this information for the doctor. Your doctor will most likely need to see and talk with your father and evaluate him before your doctor can give any feedback at which point then you can start to formulate your questions based on the doctor's findings.
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