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What are you looking for in a shrink?

Posted Nov 14 2012 9:15am

Looking for a private psychiatrist can be complicated because there are many types of therapy and it may be hard for some to find what is best for them. I personally believe it is best to start your search with an open mind rather than predefined ideas about the type of therapy used because each person has their own style and only picks up the elements that speak to him or her from a certain school. Some believe the best methods are the ones that have been personalized to a point that including them in a certain category becomes hard.

The first rule of therapy is to accept your client but psychiatrists are human too and incompatibility happens and it might take a little time to find the ideal guidance for you and by that I mean human and theoretical guidance.

To start the search for yourprivate psychiatristis a brave gesture. It means you are willing to trust someone that has a special status, a stranger if you will, help you, and that is very personal. The relationship that is formed between psychiatrist and client is something very complex and that is why once you found the type of therapy that speaks to you, and that person that motivates and guides you the actual progress begins.

There are many different types of therapy and some take up as much time as it is needed, like the psychoanalytical branch that relies on the belief that healing and growth can be achieved in the search for problem’s source. Another approach focuses on the time spent in therapy and uses strategy to construct and fix efficiently. The main idea here is that solutions can be found for each distinct individual and therapy has evolved in such a way that therapy schools teach distinct concepts focused of the individuality of the contemporary person and try to adapt to you, to help you, to hear you in order for you to find your own path and grow.

The important thing is that you will know when you have found what you are looking for.

Having a private psychiatrist is not just for the ones that need healing but for everyone that seeks improvement because there will always be something that is invisible to us from the inside but so obvious from the outside and having someone help you advance without judging but with only your well-being in mind is priceless.

There are many situations we want to share but would not with our friends and family and there are many things we wonder about and aren’t able to find answers from the people around us. Some answers just wait to be revealed with the help of a true professional but most importantly, by your will.

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