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what are the pros/cons of cataract surgery on patients with dementia?

Posted by mds nurse

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Depends on the overall health of the person. Generally cataract surgery is very well refined and works pretty well. It can be a good thing in so many ways to improve vision. Generally speaking getting through the whole process of surgery for this is much less benign and menacing than it used to be. Depending on the stage of dementia, it can and probably should be done, in the early and even intermediate stages. The benefits will usually outweigh the risks. The surgery is not a very long operation anymore, so the sedation, anesthesia insult is not too bad anymore, even for someone with dementia. Check with your doctor.
I'm a 76 year old physician with early Alzheimer's and have had cataract surgery. I didn't hesitate to do the procedure even with the small risk that anathesia presents. By the way, I've also had both my knees replaced and my left hip, all since my diagnosis.

Sorry what that one sentence in my post is meant to say is the surgery is much MORE benign, and much LESS menaicng than it used to be.

Dr. Hayen sums it up much better than I possibly can.


Good luck.

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