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What are some sedentary activities (oxymoron?) for an 86 year old female with Alzheimers?

Posted by moe56

My mother has  Alzheimer's and for a long time has spent her days unravelling sweaters..( "it's all unravelling", she says).  Recently we have had to stop this activity because she has been consuming the threads of her labour.

Understandably, she is agitiated without this activity and we are wracking our brains to think of a similar activity to keep her hands and mind occupied.  Any suggestions would be gratefully accepted. 


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Your mother has revealed a real insight, hasn't she? My husband folded paper towels and put them in his shirt pockets until the pockets bulged. He never tried to eat them.
Anything that will keep her hands active will be useful as a substitute.  This is the time when creativity becomes your most valuable asset.  Try folding laundry, especially small items like wash cloths still warm from the dryer.  If your mother thinks she is helping you, perhaps she can gain satisfaction from this activity.  Many elders love to fold baby clothing or cloth diapers.  One solution is to go to a local thrift or dollar store to purchase some items (the softer the better) for just a few dollars, put them in the dryer to heat and give her the basket with warm clothing.  When all the clothing is folded you can simply put them back in the dryer to restart the activity.  Tiny socks might give her some fine motor work; larger towels will give her a different experience.  Experiment and see if this works.  Be creative, have fun with whatever you try, and see what she enjoys!
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