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We Say Good Bye To Alzheimer's Forever

Posted Sep 21 2010 12:00am
I have been holding back from having to do this blog post but decided today was the day. It is way over due. I didn't think it would come so soon.

My wonderful dad, Stan Porter, passed away July 28th. From the blog before this, I mentioned he had a growth on his head that was
removed. It got infected and he had a high fever for several days. I believe it took a toll on his body and he quickly went down hill from there.

We kept telling him not to hang on anymore and for him to just let go. We reassured him we would be alright. My mom was so strong. She did not shed one tear during this time. She told him it was okay to let go.

I was at home getting dinner prepared for my kids when my mom called and told me he took his last breath. My two older boys and I quickly ran out of the house and raced to his bedside. When we got there and walked in his room, I could see the relief in his face. He was gone, he
was free from Alzheimer's. With that thought in mind, I leaned over and said "Goodbye dad. I love you. You are free". I cried like a little baby. My boys stood behind me and sobbed. We were so happy for him. He is finally free! He is home!

The funeral was amazing. I have never had such a powerful spiritual experience in my life as I did at my dads funeral. At the graveside, we released white balloons. My little 3 yr old said "Bye bye Gwandpa" as he let go of his balloon.

The first week or so, I felt my dad really strong all around me. It was a wonderful, peaceful feeling.

Thank you to all who have supported this blog. I will continue to blog on Alzheimer's Disease as I find new information that I have learned.


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