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We invested the rest of the evening developing

Posted Feb 21 2013 6:19am

"Move Soul Warding, first of all. Perhaps change it with Atonement so sacred can get a bit more motivation to use Chakra: Chastise in PvE. Then another secure or something to fix the raid treatment problem. My flexibility is dreadful, and if shaman or druids get a raid cooldown like Power Word: Hurdle, cd is going to look a lot less attractive when every other healer can single-target and AoE heal well, but cd can only single-target well."
"How would this new miracle work?" he requested.
"Probably just a second secure, a mini-Power Word: Will shield you could trash for 8,000 to 10,000."
We invested the rest of the evening developing information, everything from a Penance with an Inner Focus-inspired modifier, which divided the miracle into a raid heal, to a Wild Growth duplicate with personal protects that use the intake vehicle mechanic Power Word: Hurdle had during try out. After that, we researched methods to fix the reduced appeal of Smite treatment by operating Holy Flame into Atonement treatment. Then we reduced the designs into a air-driven pills and sent it through our direct pipeline to Ghostcrawler's workplace. It was around that period we recalled it wasn't 1995 and that we were dreaming.
A hotfix reverted
Finally, after two long times, another hotfix was announced. This change resolved the madness of the past two times.
Individual body and Soul no more decreases the mana price of Power Word: Shield (the hotfix designed on Feb. 16 to offer this additional advantages has been reverted).    
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