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Warriors under Stephen-Courie led

Posted Nov 22 2012 9:02am
Warriors under Stephen-Courie led, play a 10-2 attack waves, 36-41 approached the score in one fell swoop.Critical moment, Lopez fill baskets scored, the nets stay ahead.End of period, the mighty 41-46 behind.Corruptor, the netsjordan retro 5 australia   physical disadvantages to show there is no doubt that warrior in the Cray-led by Thompson, made a 10-2 attack waves again in the middle of this section.Thompson in 8 points in the attack waves.One score 74-66 warriors to the end of this section.After the start of the fourth Festival, the nets find a pace attack, but warriors side in Karl-Paul Landry, and Courie, who headed, is wind.Warrior ultimate by virtue of section III to establish a leading edge to beat nets 102-93.

But a war in contrast to the situation today, objectively speaking Hibbert hits still weak today, all 12 shots in only 3, as for rebounding, overall 11 rebounds for him is only a fairly goodjordan retro 6 australia data.But Hibbert really powerful is that his contribution in terms of caps, the audience he sent out a total of 11 caps!Just like a hot pot shop was open under the basket.While 10-11 rebounding 11 caps, was this season's first "alternative three even-numbered" (that is, not scoring, rebounding and assists three).As regards the players Union made similar data in previous, Eibar card is the Thunder last season, on February 20, 2012 Thunder in a game against the nuggets, ibaka all sent out 14 points 15 rebounds, with 11 caps.

Jennings into three-point buck one score after the beginning of the third section, made jointly by James and Wade small orgasm heat again leading the seizure of 6 minute lead.Ellis hit long shots blow bucks stormed the horns, setting off a third of the attack waves to 11-3 one heat 2 minutes into the fourth section.The fourth Festival fight courageously at bayonet point range, made 6-0 leading to the middle of the bucks in this section 6.James 11-2 one team detonation 3 points.Bucks even 5 points lead again, Wade jump shot hit-chasing scores.Two in the fourth section the last minute has missed gunnin ' Phoenix Suns opportunities, 98-98 draw into extra time.
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