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visit the local characteristic industry development. He mbt shoes sale deeply

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:47am

December 4 to 6 days, vice premier hui liangyu on work in yunnan. He stressed the need to further study and implement the spirit of the party's eighteen, from strategic and the overall mbt shoes  situation altitude to attach importance to the nation, and to promote the work of all ethnic groups working together for common prosperity and development. Yunnan to national unity progress frontier prosperity and stability demonstration area construction of high-quality curriculums for major direction in break development bottleneck fluctuation kongfu, to guarantee and improve the livelihood of the people, promote national unity, the central policy into a strong power, and strive to achieve yet fast development. The CPC central committee, member of the secretariat of the state ethnic affairs commission director YangJing study together.

Hui liangyu has come to a line of pu-erh tea city, kunming, honghe hani yi autonomous prefecture, visit the local characteristic industry development. He mbt shoes sale deeply village farmers, visit the sympathy of all ethnic groups, and farmers and grassroots cadres friendly discussion.

During the investigation, hui liangyu listened to yunnan construction national unity progress frontier prosperity and stability work report, demonstration area in yunnan province economic and social development and national work to give the full affirmation. Hui liangyu, points out that the overall interests of the work of yunnan province in our nation has the important position of the national minority population, nearly 1/7 of the national population, border border almost one-third of the total population. Yunnan provincial party committee and provincial government attaches great importance to the national work, created many typical experience, national outstanding achievement, ethnic relations harmonious. The construction of national unity and progress frontier prosperity and stability demonstration area, the state council issued last year support yunnan bridgehead construction document puts forward specific requirements, to promote scientific development in yunnan province and the great-leap-forward development, is to solve the ethnic problems with Chinese characteristics useful exploration correct road, but also to promote the southwest China opening up, promote and neighboring countries good-neighborly and friendly and cooperative communication major step.

Hui liangyu stressed that yunnan province to further improve the system of national work mechanism to embark on a line with the central spirit, rich in age characteristic, has the characteristics of the construction of demonstration area of yunnan, the real way to play the part of demonstration role in the country of the state council, the relevant departments should give great support from the general situation. A to the party's national policies as fundamental pointer, the demonstration area in an overall and correct implementation of the national policy model. Second, we need to speed up the development as the first priority, the comprehensive implementation for yunnan to speed  up the construction of an important bridgehead southwest open policy, and prospering frontier, support population less nationalities special planning, etc, and promote the development of features, green development. Third, we need to promote national unity as the first responsibility, extensive lasting development create activities, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of people of all ethnic groups. The fourth is to promote the minority cultural greater development and prosperity as a prominent window, to protect and carry forward the traditional culture.

Hui liangyu finally stressed that yunnan province in China is also an earthquake happens, natural disasters this year, the province on September YiLiang the earthquake caused heavy casualties and property losses. Should attach great importance to the disaster area people production and living difficulties, properly solve the winter from the cold, material support, disease prevention and control, to speed up the problems such as after-disaster reconstruction work, and further enhance natural disaster prevention coping ability.

Vice chairman of the CPPCC mbt shoes clearance national committee wang gang 6, in Beijing met with in the federal parliament house social Democratic Party foreign policy spokesman rolf minogue, policy, and of the SPD German politicians delegation.

Wang gang said, in recent years, sino-german relations get new development, the two leaders frequent visits, to enhance political mutual trust, each field communication and cooperation in international affairs, further maintain close communication and cooperation. Especially this year the two leaders decided to jointly promote the future sino-german strategic partner relationship, for the development of relations between the two countries endowed with new connotation. Wang gang said, sino-german are international has a significant effect on the country, also undertake an important responsibility. In today's international situation changes profoundly complicated background, promoting bilateral relations is in the fundamental interests of the two peoples. China has all along been from the strategic and long-term view sino-german relations, is willing to work together with Germany, further enhance strategic mutual trust, deepen pragmatic cooperation, expand cultural exchanges and will look forward to the future of the sino-german strategic partner relationship is continuously forward.

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