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View from Kansas

Posted Sep 21 2009 7:13am
Hi from Kansas.  Change is happening it seems.  It will be good to see Don and Jane in October.  We can hash over the changes which all of us are facing.  The good thing about facing change is  we can share the burden of it all.  We don't have to face it alone.  Those of you who read this blog, who face AD as a care-giver or as one with AD who receives that care know the truth of having folks sharing the journey "over" with you.  Staying connected on this trip.  That is what Don's blog has been about from the beginning.  
Just a brief thought about all this vitriolic debate over health care reform, the wars ongoing, too much government, you name it.  It seems to me we are a society deeply entrenched in what is called OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder.  We can't speak to one another in some civil form of debate on the issues, because each side is so obsessed with their point of view, there is no room for any other voice, from any other place.  This plague is everywhere.  We obsess in politics, sports, food, religion, at every point you turn, someone is shouting at someone else.  These talk show folks on all sides of every issue  who are no more than entertainers purporting to be skilled analysts of their particular set of interests, fuel the fires of our OCD.  And we move further down the road away from any productive moment which might make the difference in the lives of all of us.  This all drives me crazy.  I believe it takes us in the wrong direction. It devalues people like all of  you, who face real life every day, who are trying  to make substantive change which might impact this plague which brings us to this regular discussion around AD and all of its ramifications in your .lives.  The energy, time, and resources we are wasting in this obsessive/compulsive boondoggle is a sad commentary on where we are as a people,
From Kansas.  Jan
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