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Update from Kansas

Posted May 08 2010 5:09pm
Yes, we are still alive and well here in Kansas. Sorry I haven't pitched in with some words of wisdom during these last few weeks.  Don, Jane, and I had a good phone conversation in the midst of the latest health issues for both.  With Don's recent entries, it sounds as if the dust is settling a bit.  Thanks to all of  you who have sent words of comfort, encouragement, and some chastisement (when the 'ol Doc needs it!!), because it does help.  And Jenny's continuing presence and support is a vital example of how family needs to stay connected in these stages of AD.  Truly, this blog does give a day by  day accounting of how a family does continue to be together as this disease moves us all into the uncertainty of the future. 

I have mentioned before that we Hayen boys have a bit of a struggle with chronic depression without this AD demon in the mix.  So the old brother gets a double dose, and it makes it more difficult for Jane, Jenny, Chris, and all of you out there in the support network.  Being retired now, I have come to realize that I need to be doubly careful not to recluse myself.  The pit can get pretty deep if one does not keep out there and moving.  That may be especially true for all of us struggling with AD as a disease, or as caregivers of those in the midst of it.  

Kansas is really pretty right now.  But is also rife with storms, tornadoes, and other natural pestilence which comes to the Plains in the Springtime.  It is a good place to be alive.  Take care.  jan 
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