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Two big ZhongQi bid for a British nuclear power station Japan enterprise advance snort has won

Posted Oct 30 2012 6:50am

"Buy the  mbt shoes  British Horizon company, at present we have not received official notification, it is estimated that this few days will have a preliminary result." On October 29, BCC nuclear group personage says to the reporter.

However, Japanese media has begun to report, Hitachi is close to reach buy the British nuclear power project Horizon trading.

According to Japanese media reports of the value of the deal, or will be more than 50 billion yen ($628.5 million). On Tuesday, Hitachi or the meeting of the board of directors to the deal, and in later in the day officially announced the deal.

According to the previous public information, participation in acquisition Horizon by three combo, respectively is Westinghouse electric and the China national nuclear power technology company (hereinafter referred to as national nuclear power), the United States power generation enterprise X-ray dragon power company consortium, and French nuclear power manufacturing giant areva and China guangdong nuclear power group (hereinafter referred to as wide in nuclear) combo. While Japan Hitachi group is in the later to join bid for camp.

Met with similar huawei, zte

In Japan fukushima nuclear crisis  mbt shoes  under the influence of Germany announced that 2022 years ago from comprehensive nuclear power industry.

Affected by this, the headquarters is located in Germany's two big utilities magnate meaning the energy and Rhine energy decided to give up the joint venture companies invest in the UK Horizon nuclear plans. Horizon has the English third generation nuclear power plant 8 location of two, and at present the concrete use model has not been determined.

And with the German exit strategy is just on the contrary, the attitude of the British to nuclear power is strong support. In may this year, British passed a draft new sources of energy, the plan by increasing the electricity to provide subsidies for nuclear power. This makes the Horizon to become a nuclear power titans struggled to chase the sweet pastry.

"If I can in the UK, then for a breakthrough in the future in the other countries involved in the project will be a good selling points." A understand Horizon project activists say.

However, according to situation at present, the two nuclear power  mbt shoes  group bid Horizon prospects appear some dark.

"Early communication is smooth, the turning point is the British government to." The French electricity group nuclear power department a relevant responsible person, "for Chinese enterprises to participate in, the British government put forward a lot of advice, the later communication brings a lot of trouble."

In fact, the ft August had reported that for two Chinese state-owned enterprises are now bid British Horizon nuclear power project, British politicians have warned for these enterprises cannot in the final of the consortium have

Relative majority shares, because the British side need to ease the "public company in China in Britain's largest reactor construction plan of one of concern".

A British conservative MPS even say, Chinese enterprise enters British nuclear power project, will cause the British "significant safety concerns".

The no 10 energy policy senior consultant Butler (Nick Butler) is in the financial times said in a blog, if Chinese enterprises bidding success will be able to "into our system, contact state grid understand the complicated structure and control the process of power supply, and Britain's nuclear technology."

"At the moment, it seems, China's nuclear power enterprises to go out met with huawei, zte similar trouble. Western developed countries with national security as reason to Chinese  mbt shoes clearance  enterprises to participate in energy and telecommunications industry set up many obstacles." Wide in nuclear people said, China's state-owned policy bank lending ability, have been considered to be China's enterprises to participate in the consortium bid a big advantage. But in the participation of political factors, this advantage may be interpreted as a Chinese state-owned capital on the penetration of the west.

Two Chinese companies participate in the competition

Although the Chinese nuclear power start time is late, but China now has 26 platform construction in nuclear power unit, has accounted for the construction unit installed capacity of about 40%.

However, although China nuclear power units number has become the world's first, but the technology is still followers, not to mention overseas output. At present, China's nuclear power industry of overseas project only Pakistan to me just two sets of nuclear power plant 300 mw unit.

In the recent 10 years, and China started almost at the same time the Korean nuclear power has  mbt shoes clearance  been developed quickly, also won $20 billion from the united Arab emirates nuclear power large sheet, this directly stimulate the Chinese nuclear power giant have focused on the overseas market impulse.

According to the widely in nuclear source is introduced, the national nuclear power and wide in nuclear in commonwealth of bid are in the position.

In the wide nuclear faction, France electricity company is operator, areva designer is with the main contractor, and wide in nuclear is the subcontractor; The national nuclear power in The association, The American power generation enterprise Exelon is concerned, The designer is Westinghouse, er Group (The Shaw Group) is The main contractor, and The national nuclear power is The subcontractor. National nuclear power combo USES is AP1000 technology, and widely used in nuclear technology is EPR.

"If united consortium bid success, areva will be part of the design, construction task in the subcontract to wide nuclear." The above said people, to in wide nuclear speaking, this is a very good exercise opportunity.

But the national nuclear power a person has said that in the third generation of nuclear power technology AP1000 applications, China has been walking in the forefront of the world. At present the national nuclear power is responsible for the introduction of absorption of AP1000 technology has been used in zhejiang three and shandong haiyang third generation nuclear power project. According to the schedule, the three AP1000 nuclear reactor will be put into production in 2014, when it will be the technology of global the first reactor. "National nuclear power already have a certain amount of technical output capability, we also need to prove his chance.

"Two renmin respectively consortium to participate in overseas enterprise purchase this is a very rare phenomenon, this also from a certain extent reflects China's nuclear power enterprise to open an international market sense of urgency. A nuclear power industry senior personage says.

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