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Traditional clothing fashionable decorative

Posted Oct 15 2012 3:53am
Who really know how Alexander Mcqueen 2012 to pop, the judgment, the clothes she wore mostly belong to the traditional style of clothing, decorations and a variety of accessories, but his best adopted popular means that fashionable for her, just easily with a variety of accessories Bale. A clever accessories, can become the focus of clothing, can make a simple dress or plain clothes, tales of the infinite glory. If inadvertently, Alexander Mcqueen skull lovingly crafted ornaments found in the street, for a moment, not need, but put it down, then take home! It soon will be able to come in handy. A wide variety of accessories, let us begin at the beginning! Hat it is easily able to demonstrate personal taste, but its color and style dress and personality must match, otherwise it becomes a monster on the head. Hair band, hair accessories daily wear, mainly to small and elegant. Gorgeous big hair ornaments, will become the focal point of the whole body, wear more appropriate at the dinner. The earrings are one of the most common of jewelry. There are thousands of its shape, but there is a principle to remember is that large face, wearing big earrings, small face, wearing small earrings. Followed by the color of the earrings to be matched with the clothes, the same color with the most insurance. Wearing plain clothes, earrings and belts, purses and shoes with the common contrast color. Small and fine necklace necklace everyone can wear. Chunky necklace only slender neck wear, alexander mcqueen bag short neck, who wears a long necklace. The necklace great decorative effect, simple style necklace, and wear a few good. Corsage you can be worn in the hair, not in the chest, buckle on the hat, scarf or belt, you will find a beautiful corsage, infinite magical effect. Belt knowledge. Wide belt is only suitable for tall and thin Alexander McQueen Satin Knuckle Box waist slender wear. Petite belt of the fine, and the colors are the best match with clothes. Large waist of the people, must not wear bright and wide thick belt on the length of the person, slightly wider belt short upper body, belt low waist Department. The waist belt is not important to you.
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