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Posted May 03 2013 8:30am
Inter Milan [microblogging] 2-0 away victory over Sampdoria, but the game is not easy, the home team's striker Ica Jordi repeatedly made threats to shoot, but for the wonderful performance of Handanovic, Inter Milan may not be able to get out on the road. The young striker, it is the biggest signings for Inter Milan this summer, nike free 3.0 sale    at this point Inter senior Océ Leo gave a confirmed. 

Inter Milan before the game against Sampdoria, Océ Rio Ica Jordi spoke in an interview with Sky Sports: "Yes, we are indeed very grateful to Ica Jordi Hing, I Austi (Sang general sporting director) is a very good friend, he also knows that we look at what will happen after the end of the season, we tried to find a suitable solution. "Austi also implied in the interview Ikar Di leaving the team: "Ica Jordi can be the concern of so many clubs, we are happy for him if the right offer, we will consider, we also know that Inter Milan want him." In fact, in many Italian media It seems that between Inter Milan and Sampdoria may have had a copy of the agreement initialed. "The market", said: "Ica Jordi is likely in the next season, Inter Milan player, and Palacio next season Inter Milan striker partner." The Ica Jordi season at Sampdoria strong rise, The Argentine striker, especially in the winter break after the bombers into the 8-ball, showing very good condition. According to Italian media reports the news, the Ica Jordi will be worth 13 million euros to join Inter Milan. 

Outstanding young players all over the world, Inter Milan striker finalized Ica Jordi chase never stopped. According to the "market" and "Sky Sports" reports, Inter Milan has been finalized Romanian 16-year-old midfielder Razvan - Popa join issues Popa, a 16-year-old is currently playing in Romania, Sri Lanka Park Tours Student Sports team, Romania U-16-year-old member of the presence of superior midfield, is a potential player. Popa is one of the key objectives of Chelsea [microblogging] [microblogging], but this time Inter have pre-emptive. It is reported that Inter Milan has spent € 250,000 buyout Popa, which has also been confirmed Popa: "Yes, Inter Milan signed me, in my opinion international 米兰比切尔西 more future effectiveness for Inter Milan, which will be a new beginning for me. "according to Sky Sports reported, Inter Milan and Popa signed a five-year contract, but still too young to take into account Popa Age The club can be considered so that he will remain in Romania, in the next year and then added to the Inter Milan youth team. 

In addition, according to the reports of the "market",  nike free 4.0 sale  Inter Milan are chasing Valencia [microblogging] 29-year-old the left defender Matthew repair, Matthew contract with the club expires in 2014, he is an experienced and very useful player, Inter Milan may Pereira will be sold in the summer, so Matthew has become a good substitute. At the same time, Inter Milan are ready to sort out the current lineup of the team more rational. The striker Milito summer will leave the team, the Argentine sports executives Ayala has an open invitation to Milito joined: "He is an extraordinary player, if he wants to return to Argentina, Atletico always welcome to join. "the play of the season may appear Juan will get a new contract, a new contract is coming in 2017.
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