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Today is deandongni second game of coaching the Lakers

Posted Nov 22 2012 9:03am
Today is deandongni second game of coaching the Lakers, after the Lakers three games only to 69-73.But because of failures in a row, the Lakers made a fourth section was King 11-2, and ultimately 97-113 failed miserably to your opponent.Bryant alljordan 9 australia   game-20 shooting, resulting in 38 minutes 3 rebound 3 assists, he had 7 errors, Howard-4 shooting, get 7 points 9 rebounds, Gasol 10 shooting, get 8 points 9 rebounds, Tsu WPI 13 points 6 rebounds.King, Terry 18 points 6 assists g-Evans, Raymond Aron-Brooks 13 points 3 assists.

It is worth mentioning, is James and Allen on "training mix": two of them stripped to the waist, practicing shooting outside the three-point line, respectively, the latter also sharing experience for the former, such as radian recommends James to raise a point, this ball is more likely white NET.In the two-day training, heat players ' demeanor in an interview clothes soaked levels, and showing recentjordan retro 11 australia training are substantial: new Kohl last year and practiced a lot, physical fitness is good, he has to wait until more appearance time of continuous playing.However, himself and his team are not satisfied with his shooting, others up and practicing for half an hour, he and practicing "two lesson"---finished half an hour practicing, going to sit and rest while interviewed, met reporters waiting for him after he also play to continue practicing, coaching his teaching assistant for people.

Heat in the second quarter and once-leading 18 points were subsequently male lumeng nearly lost a good, for this game have experienced distress, James is very calm, "Emperor" admits end is heat strength."We're going to continue to get better," James said, "we had a day and a half of the strike, there have been some mistakes after being their reversal, but I believe that we are not afraid of this score ground game, we know how to play at a critical moment."Heat head coach siboersitela not xianzao tilting pan to worry about."NBA (microblogging) is one such opponent strength is very strong, climax has the capacity to play in the match, you have to give them respect," siboersitela said.
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