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tianjin police positive coordination

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:40am
Young woman dancing on the apron

Had 16 when 25 points, terminal area police station police after receiving notice from tianjin airport public nike air max 2013 shoes uk    security bureau command center a passengers on flight

GS7464 shuts off the plane. Police soon arrived on the scene, the scene in front of surprise them, a young woman dressed in a thin black QiuYi dancing on the apron. In

order to avoid other passengers on the apron dangerous, police hassle, will she HongQuan to building security in a warm place. Through the brief dialogue, police found

that women's abnormal behavior, spirit trance, doubt is a mental illness.

Police hard communication asked the name

Police try to use all kinds of ways to communicate with the woman, finally asked the woman's name, I know she is in hunan changsha person, parents don't know her to

tianjin. The contact way of the police by name inquires into women's family, and her parents immediately. The girl's mother after receiving phone excited: "I am looking

for children half a month, I'll past!"

Arrive tianjin 8 hours to help find his family

Contact the girl's family is already

nike air max 2012 uk sale   had 19, when the night the only plane, okay airways from changsha to tianjin, but the tickets have been sold out. Considering the

family found female view, tianjin police positive coordination, contact in changsha, okay airways staff, through unremitting efforts, finally to help the girl's mother

board smoothly. As the woman has seven hours don't eat, so hungry hungry, police prepared hot water, hot meals for her. Three police to stay and day shipping work

personnel to take care of her, accompany her to chat, her mood stable.

Yesterday zero hour 40 minutes, the girl's mother is tianjin, will be the woman in her mother's hand. "My daughter is suffering from mental illness, have to run away

from home for more than ten days, really thank tianjin airport police very much, thank you!" The girl's mother ms. Chen said excitedly.

5 years old this year, 5 months ago in a car accident, serious traumatic shock and fractures. Leg broken into 3 sections, the ankle and calf, separate leg bones and

muscles. Is presently, China through the 15 times the operation, but also need a surgery, can better rehabilitation, medical gap of 80000 yuan.

Report from our correspondent (reporter MoGuanTing correspondent LiBingJie photography) "we are so old, if daughter defect in the future, how do we picked her up?"

MeiYi appear dejected, 49 years old. Five
nike air max 2011 uk sale   months before the car accident let young daughters has been generally age child the pain which is unable to imagine, after 15

times fracture surgery.
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