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Thyroid and Dementia

Posted by mim0203

Does anyone have information on a GREAT doctor in pa or near that is fimilar with dementia caused by thyroid disease. Our mother is suffering from thyroid diease stemming from previous thyroid cancer(s) and since the "removals" her numbers are extreamly negitive. Since the previous sugerys my mother began immediatly experincing signs of dementia, and the doctors are writting it off as Alzheimers dementia and medicating her for it....even though she has thyroid diease and her numbers are still not controled.We are having a major problem finding a doctor to fix the thyroid to rule it out as the cause.
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I'm sorry you're having this issue with your Mom. It can be frustrating when you're aware of a problem but not able to get the physician to listen.

I'm not in Pa. but you might make your mother an appointment with an endocrinologist. I believe he/she would be able to determine any issues with your Mom's thyroid.

And, perhaps, try for a second opinion with a different physicians with your mom's memory issues.


Anytime someone needs to look for a physician, the American Medical Association's Doctor Finder serves as a great resource of all specialists, whether members or not.  Family physicians and geriatricians are trained to treat individuals with thyroid disease and dementia.  The American Board of Family Medicine can help you find board certified family physicians.  Likewise, the American Geriatric Society can help you find geriatricians. 

I agree w/Mom-n-Me that getting your mom's thyroid optimized is paramount.  And then get a second opinion regarding her memory.  If you are close to Plumsteadville, I trained an excellent family physician & geriatrician who practices there.  Otherwise, you should be able to find someone who can assist you at any of the academic centers on either end of your state.

Good luck!

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