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This also is because she dared me!

Posted Dec 19 2012 2:24am
This also is because she dared me! Xingyue: Love index from the original 7:00 to -90 points. This time Xingyue the voice sounded again: The love index between the wearer with the opposite sex as low as -100 points, the other extreme hate you, even to the extent of the hated, invented love table experts believe this situation is certainly the opposite sex by the wearer deceive or combat, will rise in the value of good and evil wearer, sheet of good and evil bondage device will automatically start, to give the wearer a certain punishment, the same degree of moral restraints, 10 minutes of penalty time interval 24 hours. Cheap north face listened Xingyue that almost scared to jump up! Daily 10 minutes clicks that live for? Anxiously authentic: Xingyue: You with Wang Yixian clear love index -90 points, not down to -100 points, we do not have any impact, but the other just performance, if you let her get angry, love index immediately will be reduced. Cheap north face first relieved, this love table nice idea, but it is he hates these restraints he understands that he is no way to resist this breaking device, Xingyue said Wang Yixian clear smelly people by may not be the slightest grievance, if he do wrong to say the wrong things, I am afraid that really want to shock death of the ... Wang Yixian clear, at this time, turned around and went to the mouth of his cave following, just like what happened, just looked up and his head looking at the hole. Cheap north face asked Xingyue: Xingyue: As for reducing love index, only made her forgive, or to win her favor. old
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