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The Yellow River 30 years rare flood peak tamed five reservoir impoundment of 35 billion cubic meters

Posted Nov 02 2012 6:46am

Deputy director of the office of the office of the Yellow River BiDongSheng November 1 accept China news agency reporters, "HuangHeNing, and the world is flat. We won the Yellow  Cheap Beats By Dre  River flood control and flood fighting the overall victory." What he said is "comprehensive victory" contains the Yellow River embankment safety, reservoir channel sedimentation reduction, flood resources utilization and other aspects, and did not appear casualties.

The Yellow River office announced on October 31, 2012 annual flood prevention work over, once encounter nearly 30 years rare flood peak of the Yellow River to realize peaceful foundation, China has a "tame" the Yellow River.

2012 flood season, the Yellow River floods after but go to, the main stream successively appeared four Numbers peak. The flood of the session, the restrictions of the big, time long, for nearly 30 years rare.

In the global frequent extreme weather big background, to ensure the safety of life and property of people is the center of gravity of the governments. Responsible for natural disasters control work of the Swiss federal unep countersign grow before this in the fifth international BBS on the Yellow River said, "how to flood control is each country's important task. High this said he aiming from China in the draw useful experience.

BBS, the WWF global project  cheap dre beats  deputy managing director ShiWeiDe said, China in solving water problems especially the Yellow River management, provides a good example for the world.

The Yellow River is the mother river of the Chinese nation, but also in the world the most river sediment concentration. There have been statistics, from China's qin dynasty to the period of the republic of China, the Yellow River runoff overflow 1590 times, like run wild mustangs of large diversion 26 times.

BiDongSheng said that since the founding of new China, the Yellow River to carry out large-scale management development, DaXun not breach, realizing the peaceful happiness.

At present, the Yellow River to accounts for the 2% of the river runoff, raising the national 12% population, irrigation national 15% of arable land, in China's economic and social development plays an important role in.

In the face of nearly 30 years rare flood, the Yellow River office in a planned way scientific  cheap dre beats  scheduling, detention detention. As of October 31, the Yellow River mainstream liujiaxia, results, WanGuZhai, sanmenxia, xiaolangdi reservoir five total of 35 billion cubic meters of water, close to the three gorges reservoir with a total capacity of 39.3 billion cubic meters. BiDongSheng said, in the Yellow River water resources amount less circumstances, this undoubtedly realized flood resources utilization of the new breakthrough.

To tame the Yellow River "ace in the hole" is reservoir detention peak clipping. Through the joint scheduling results, liujiaxia reservoir, the biggest cut nearly half of the Yellow River flood peak; Sanmenxia, xiaolangdi reservoir "to", peak clipping more than thirty percent.

The Yellow River office also use torrential flood for reservoir used power. June to September, five big reservoir accumulated generation capacity of 12.1 billion kilowatt-hours, achieve  Cheap Beats By Dre  average over the same period of the capacity of the two times.

The Danish environment minister Mr Will marvel at the Yellow River river than Denmark all together and long. But she also said, its flow, speed and the change is a big challenge, "I think must pay attention to these changes, aiming for the future lay the foundation.

Indeed, flood also wash out of the Yellow River flood control and drought relief soft rib, such as the Yellow River upper reach flood control engineering standard low problem. At the same time, has a yellow and flooding area related personnel more than 50000 residents to evacuate. But so far, the downstream of the Yellow River yellow 1.89 million people still live, and the Yellow River downstream wandering river regime, has not yet been fully control.

The Yellow River flood season in 2012, the state council premier wen jiabao had to a line inspection guidance. He pointed out that, the Yellow River have 30 years there are no big floods, this year the peak appeared, risk reminds us that we must pay more attention to the Yellow River flood control work.

At present, China water conservancy department and put forward aiming mechanism, in order to maintain healthy life of the Yellow River, the Yellow River calm to ensure safe, the torrent of life, to benefit the Chinese nation.

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