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The War between Tablet Computer and Electronic Reader

Posted Jan 16 2012 7:02am

ebook reading

Many people think tablet PC market has been occupied by iPad, but as described above, and iPad is not tablet computer, now also did not appear in the true sense tablet computer, in other words, at present the function of the tablet computer still have not reached the PC or laptop height. The real tablet computer, with all the tip of the PC technology, is synonymous with a concentration of the personal computer. You can above reading, can hold all kinds of XP system application software, to social networking sites, can say so, tablet computer is mobility, portable sex than notebook PC against a new generation of family members.

From professional depth look, most professional electronic reader, Smartphone is the second smallest, and tablet computer finally; And, of course, is not to say that mobile phones and tablet computers cannot read, just how rich resources and reading function cannot compare with handheld readers just. But look from the function, but have the tablet computer ordinary PC's all functions, pulls ahead. Although in smart phones and tablet computer on the function is not big, but because of the target market is different, and has certain of the degrees of distinction. Say simply, tablet computer are good at office, holding the reader is good at reading, smart phones are good at entertainment. Therefore, although there are a lot of these three functions there intersection, but not completely huddled together, points out each other. The tablet computer key words is the "computer", holding the reader the key word is "reading", smart phones for keywords "mobile", this is the most essential difference between them.

Of course, before in the tablet computer still true, PC and laptop computers will not disappear from the market, there will be a long coexistence era, in this era, tablet PC updated speed will be greater than the development of traditional PC and laptop computers, when both on the function can substitute each other, is a tablet computer with The Times. Amazon unveiled Kindle 2, adopted because of the Kindle International. Sony went with the ePub format, which authorized end users to borrow eBooks from public libraries, Electronic textbooks or Digital textbooks are electronic records data comprising of publications specially developed for being go through on pc screens or the screens of unique E book learning devices. breaking the psychological $200 barrier and forcing Amazon to decrease Kindle charges in reaction. Lastly, bookseller Barnes & Noble introduced its have eBook reader, for reading PowerPoint on kindle, we can use PDF to PowerPoint converter software.

On the analysis of the above three end products of the future, here the iPad alone of discussing it. IPad, apple's products, can read e-books, play games, sending and receiving e-mails...... At first glance function more than willing, completely is tablet computer. But settled down to think about it--the function it not worth PC than all the features of tablet computer, it and not top than professional reader, as smart phones than communication it. More unpleasant thing, it is a closed system, only support within the apple software, cannot install any application software users needs that is, the iPad market is a monopoly of the world.

The Kindle reader is certainly a dream-come-true for equally avid and non-avid visitors. You’ll be able to usually carry as well as you all of your current preferred textbooks even if you’re on a journey. For that reason, it does not require reducing down of trees any more. These shops can charge you nearly anything among USD 1 to USD 5 per e-book. These e-books are in special Kindle formats referred to as awz and lrf. For studying you can obtain contents from on the web shops, which promote e-publications or even “resalable ebooks” especially for the Kindle. That solitary device is capable of carrying thousands of textbooks; so it can be like getting the whole library with you. It might be a fantastic issue to pamper by yourself or to present being a reward to your beloved 1 that is also a reader. Apart from that, one more excellent characteristic of this gadget is its outstanding button placement that’s designed to be thin. 

The very best factor about acquiring this ebook reader could be the indisputable fact that it’s environmental-friendly due to the fact it employs electronic ink as a substitute in the typical ink on paper. Tablet computer can see ebook, ebook reader can also see ebook, so many in the industry are ideas, think tablet computer could lead to handheld reader going to the end. But the tablet computer and handheld readers have a most fundamental distinction-positioning of the different. From the above we can see that form: tablet computer is a new generation of PC, no matter be reading a book, editing software, still see video, enjoy music, development system, what all can do, and the function of the reader with a single, is reading, but in professional sense than tablet computer deep a lot.Aiden predicts the current era of eBook viewers; combined with ebook providers from companies like apteral will as a final point give writers the ability to control their own personal careers, from content development to distribution. It really is entirely portable and it functions in inclement conditions. Furthermore, it displays enhancements on its bookmarking and highlighting, as well as it’s a dictionary of its very own. To read PDF on current reader, we can use PDF to ePub converter software to turn PDF to epub, but if you are mac users, try the PDF converter for Mac program.

On a personal point of view, iPad fatal problem also in the lack of many computers-should have the functions, plus high prices, leading to the low price, people have every reason to give up on this "poor". Monopoly is impeding the biggest obstacle to continue the development of products; the market will never like monopoly. Therefore, it was doomed to iPad won't be revolutionary product; also won't become the mainstream of the future. When beginning the fanaticism of the past, only to calm after, people will buy back to the original starting point-is it actually do? What it is worth buying? It has other products have the advantages of unmatched.

Therefore, the development of the computer software is always the key, if can't install oneself to like any software, will be called the computer. Therefore, tablet computer in real before maturity, still have a long way to go. But we also can foresee, tablet computer has the huge potential space, the space is the software. Hardware equipment actually for users the impact is not big, only to meet all their needs of the various functions is the attention of users points.

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