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The United States basketball delegation was invited to visit the United States emphasizes in a private behavior

Posted Feb 27 2013 2:54am
The former NBA star famous Dennis rodman, exactly led the American basketball a delegation from 13 people (including active and retired player) arrived in the north Korean capital, Pyongyang, north Korea sports province should invite a week-long visit. Cheap Nike Air Yeezy 2 The visit also give the international community toward the relationship about beauty to provide a new daydream. When north Korea announced adhere to the nuclear test, the United States once said it would sanctions against north Korea. About the basketball diplomatic, north Korea's foreign ministry a officials stressed says "this is only the two countries in the field of pure sports communication", and according to xinhua news agency, the state department a not willing publicly to the name of the senior officials were had earlier said, "this player has no connection, is a private tour of the state council, the state council not look". Even so, the American media is generally thought that the basketball diplomatic or can be beautiful in relations between the beginning of the ice, and this should also be Washington want to see. In this month north Korea third nuclear test, the DPRK relationship once again stalled. But this "" flower tiger" suddenly change one's identity incarnate peace ambassador led the NBA in delegation visit to the world but left infinite daydream. Cheap Nike Air Yeezy The player with the counterparts have famous "haring" fancy basketball team 3 players and media group "wes" employees. In addition, a program shooting team will also accompany with the delegation to north Korea, making a will in early April on HBO TV new TV show. Player a line 13 people from Beijing capital airport to fly to the north, about time in Beijing yesterday and 30 points ShunAn airport arrived in north Korea. According to the official xinhua news agency reported, north Korea sports province and several foreign ministry officials and basketball delegation members enthusiasm more than twenty one handshake, a north Korean media reporter in an interview for the best position photos, and foreign resident Korean reporters were told that the delegation during the visit "not with group interview". North Korea's foreign ministry official said that the visit will continue to March 5,, the delegation will visit panmunjom, see JinXiuShan sun palace, or will be a basketball match with north Korea athletes. Nike Air Yeezy 2 Shoes Asked about north Korea's top leader in JinZhengEn will watch the game, the official said: "this is the only two countries in the field of sports communication, the more we don't know." In addition, visit north Korea national monument, animation manufacture company and Pyongyang a new park in the delegation visit plan. When interviewed, virtuous man told the xinhua news agency said: "with me, our star players mostly first visit to north Korea, to visit with expectations, believe that will have a lot of fun." The NBA delegation to visit north Korea is not the national behavior, but north Korea sports province invitation. The U.S. state department a not willing publicly to the name of the senior official said, virtuous man who has no connection to the visit of the state council, is a private trip, the state department will not look. But at the king's beautiful relationship and east Asian crisis calefactive then this player was outside given "basketball diplomacy" and goodwill ambassador's mission. Cheap Nike Hyperdunk 2012 This documentary host shane Smith told the media, said: "although beauty in relations between the two countries nervous, but maintain cultural communication unobstructed is very important." He said, "the program will show the United States is not north Korea's enemy, and carry out the basketball this we all love sports, this is the correct direction. Basketball player Boolean · brad in an interview with xinhua news agency, said north Korea is haring fancy basketball team basketball done around the world 122 countries (and area), "we received last month in north Korea sports province to visit, we will invite toward north Korea and many children and families to share the joy of basketball, with a handshake and a smile transfer basketball charm".
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