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The Truth About Breast Implant Ruptures And Leakage

Posted Mar 06 2012 7:59am
Since breast implants were first approved by the FDA for use in cosmetic surgery, the primary concern of the FDA has been their safety should they rupture and leak their filler into the body Christian Louboutin Balota 150mm. Some implant leaks quickly reveal themselves via rapid deflation, while others are very difficult for even a surgeon to detect.Since breast implants were first approved for cosmetic surgery in the United States, the two choices for breast augmentation have been saline and silicone gel. Truth be told, saline implants have been the standard for many years because the FDA yanked silicone gel implants off the market. The ban on silicone gel implants lasted for fourteen years! During that time, the FDA conducted a rather thorough clinical trial on silicone implants for their overall safety. Silicone implants were finally approved for unrestricted use in 2006 Christian Louboutin Simple Pump leather 100mm.There is now a third type of implant emerging on the breast augmentation scene: it is called cohesive gel – commonly referred to as the gummy bear implant because of its texture.The reason saline and silicone implants have been under close scrutiny by the FDA for many years is because of the safety fears regarding rupture and leakage. There are several situations where an implant can rupture. It could be damaged during the initial surgery or during a minor surgery years later that is not even associated with breast augmentation. Another scenario: blunt force trauma to the chest region! Any number of scenarios can cause an implant to rupture and leak.It is very obvious when a saline implant ruptures: within several days the implant will completely deflate. The saline solution will leak out rapidly and harmlessly. It will then be absorbed by the body and quickly passed out in the urine. When it comes to saline implants and their overall safety, these implants are believed to be the safest implant currently available.On the other end of the spectrum, it is extremely difficult to spot a ruptured silicone gel implant. The patient may not even notice that silicone is leaking into her body. In fact, they are so difficult to detect that your surgeon may not be able to tell either – at least not with his naked eye. The only way to verify the "silent rupture" of a silicone gel implant is to have an MRI scan. The FDA recommends all women with silicone implants undergo an MRI scan on the third anniversary of their surgery, and every two years thereafter.Factoring in the cost of a bi-yearly MRI adds substantially to the overall cost of breast augmentation surgery Christian Louboutin shoes. Unfortunately, since most implant surgeries are considered cosmetic and not paid for by health insurance, neither are the follow-up MRI scans. If you had breast augmentation for the purpose of breast reconstruction, then your health insurance might cover the MRI every two years – check with your insurance company to find out more.Because the FDA has not yet approved the cohesive gel implant, the FDA recognizes very little data regarding its rupture and leakage. However, if statistics from other countries are taken into consideration, this new implant has a very promising future.The cohesive gel implant is a solid mass; it has no liquid inside its shell. Chop one in half and you will have two solid masses and no liquid spill.Although the cohesive gel implants are not yet FDA approved, it is still possible to obtain them Christian Louboutin Miss Clichy 140mm. To do so, you will need to locate a plastic surgeon who is participating in the FDA's cohesive-gel clinical trials. If you are selected as an ideal candidate for the clinical trial, you will most likely get your breast augmentation surgery for free. However, you will be obligated to have routine checkups with your plastic surgeon for many years to come.If you are interested in learning more about Gummy Bear breast implants, you need to visit with a board certified specialist in breast augmentation. Don't worry too much about the cost for your initial consultation because most surgeons provide free consultations for potential clients.Note: you should only accept medical advice or recommendations from a licensed physician that specializes (and is board certified) in breast augmentation surgery Christian Louboutin Simple Pump 85mm 
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