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The so-called biometric time clock The so-called biometric time clock, is it set smart card, automatic control, computer c

Posted Dec 10 2012 2:21am

The so-called biometric time clock, is it set smart card, automatic control, computer communications and network technology with an organic whole, make life in a specific area of the people and visitors, just carry a smart CARDS, the card can be used as a work of job card, and can be used for parking parking proof, the residential quarters of the consumer shopping and the company cafeteria, consumption and so on, which not only greatly facilitate the users' needs, changed the past users in different occasions to carry more than one card trival phenomenon, but also improves the community internal management level and work efficiency.

In this biometric time clock on the basis of the corresponding increase of auxiliary equipment can be elevator control, vehicle access control, property fire monitoring, security inspection management, catering charge management, truly realize area a card intelligent management. The entrance guard system development Inward and outward entrance guard system just as its name implies is to inward and outward channels control system, it is in the traditional lock on the basis of the development of. The traditional mechanical lock is only simple mechanical device, no matter how reasonable structural design, material how strong, people can always use through various means to open it. In many people in and out of the channel (like the office, hotel rooms) key management is very troublesome, key lost or personnel change will lock and key change together.

In order to solve these biometric time clock problems, it is appeared electronic magcard locks, electronic coded lock, the two locked appear from a certain extent improve the people to the inward and outward channels management degree that the channel management into the electronic age, but with these two kinds of electronic lock the continuous application of, they are the flaws exposed gradually, magnetic card lock problem is information easy to copy, card and the card reader with wear between big, failure rate is high, the safety coefficient is low. Coded lock problem is password are easy to leak, and don't look up, safety coefficient is very low. At the same time this period products for most of the card read part (password input) and control part together installed at the door, very easy to people in the outdoor play unlocked. This period of entrance guard system still stays in the early not mature stage, so the entrance guard system is usually known as electronic lock, applications are not widely.

time and attendance systems composition
Smart card system usually has four links: smart card, read/write terminal, computer and network. Smart CARDS: smart card should have read and write functions, have enough storage space, and can be divided into several regions, can realize a utility, and at the same time, smart card must have absolute safety. The company I used is Switzerland Legic intelligent induction card. Reading and writing terminal: reading and writing terminal includes various card reader or reading and writing controller, according to different places, choose a different reading and writing terminal, such as attendance and access controller, POS machine, etc. At the same time, speaking, reading and writing device should also has excellent reliability and security. Computer: usually, Pentium based on the PC machine can be. Operation or WinNT Win98. Network: according to user's existing network conditions, the geographical position and card information flow plan, selecting the appropriate network structure.
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