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The rockets potential before starting for the first time two new signing war bucks or play the first show

Posted Feb 27 2013 2:58am
The rockets will return the Toyota center for bucks. Today the rockets coach Kevin McHale when accepting a reporter to interview confirmation from European striker donoghue tice - mo Thai jonas kazlauskas will start the game, it will be from the Lithuanian mo Thai jonas kazlauskas personal career in the NBA for the first time as starting five tiger. Cheap lebron X The 22-year-old mo Thai jonas kazlauskas height 7 feet, company ZhiDa forward in his local time the rockets Sunday away defeat to the wizards game of the season for the highest 23 minutes, he took two 3-pointers have 11 points 6 rebounds, 2 assists enter an item in an account. In fact in the near future, the mo Thai jonas kazlauskas competitive state is quite good, four games he has scored in double figures for the first two games, now don't Thai jonas kazlauskas has become the important rotation player. As a novice players, the mo Thai jonas kazlauskas so far this season on behalf of the rockets played a total of 21 games, all is the substitute, he averaged 5.5 minutes for contribution 3.2 points and 0.9 rebounds and 0.3 assists. In the rockets general manager daryl morey Darrell - eyes, mo Thai jonas kazlauskas is a considerable potential of the young players. This season, the mo Thai jonas kazlauskas single-game scoring 13 points, is the highest in away last week and the clippers game get. On the other hand, in the last week trade deadline 1, the rockets complete the transaction. Local time on Monday, after training in McHale initiative to report to the team just Thomas Robinson of the JiaLian. According to this day McHale said, Thomas Robinson and francesco families - Garcia, there's a good chance in the local time at home on Wednesday and the rockets bucks game, put on to Houston after the first show. Nike Air Foamposite One One day ago, Derek fisher and thunder team to reach an agreement, the two sides signed a contract to the end of the season. But there are news source pointed out that the mavericks to Derek fisher signing thunder team very discontent, the owner mark Cuban team management and this is very angry, because in the mavericks opinion, Derek fisher to return to the NBA's first choice should be Dallas. Three months before the November 30,, the mavericks official announced the signing of Derek fisher, but in the last Christmas fisher asked to be the mavericks cutting. When a source says, because the family and injury factors, so fisher will choose to retire. The fact is this really the case? A source says Derek fisher and mavericks signing meant "old fish" was willing to and any one branch to sign his team signing, the purpose is to keep their players trade union chairman position; Once when Derek fisher in league play things, he is not in the position to continue to lead the players union, so eventually fisher announced an agreement with the mavericks. In Derek fisher and mavericks farewell, the mavericks didn't know Derek fisher will return to NBA. Cheap Lebron 9 It is reported, Derek fisher and his agent in a return to the NBA this decision and not with the mavericks to discuss the possibility of a return to Dallas, But the mavericks in the beginning but very confident I can sign back Derek fisher. The final results have been announced, "old fish" personal second career to join thunder team. Derek fisher not uphold justice practice thorough angered library class and his mavericks, but in fact it is not fisher career first battle righteousness, not before playing for the jazz, he requires and jazz to terminate the contract. Then the fact of the matter is, in the summer of 2006, fisher was warriors traded to Utah, who played for Utah at that time during the "old fish" 11 months old daughter suffering from eye cancer the need for surgery, fisher in order to ease take care of his daughter so hope and jazz to terminate the contract. When Derek fisher said such a word, "life and family for me, far more than basketball important!" But I didn't know it was in 2007 Derek fisher in the NBA and second put on the lakers jersey. In the back after the thunder team, Derek fisher spoke last December why and mavericks cancelled. Derek fisher said: "when a knee injury recovery is about two weeks, during this difficult only I know, and I will be so far away from their family, so I ask the mavericks cutting me and let me go home. Mark Cuban very support me, so agreed to my request. I want to thank the mavericks. Lebron 9 Shoes From the boss, to coach Carlisle, and then to the players, I sincerely thank the mavericks give me the opportunity. My family is always my first, I the choice said support, so I came back again."
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