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The new races may appear in the new development

Posted Sep 24 2012 3:13am
Finally, Chilton explained why Cheap WOW Gold they "nerfing" the Loss of lifestyle Dark night category. More than anything else they're just trying to create sure that they balance Loss of lifestyle knights in combat relatively to everybody else. Of course they want Loss of lifestyle Knights to encounter like an amazing extremely efficient category, just like any other category. "People mention the factor that they're a hero category, but to us what that indicates is well, they have their own unique beginning encounter - they start at level 55, which is very heroic in comparison to other figures - but that doesn't mean that at the end action they're supposed to be more extremely efficient. We've found that there were places of the encounter that we felt like they were just too strong, so we're trying to balance them just like we would any other personality category."

In the second aspect of the appointment, Chilton mainly mentioned the future of WoW. He exposed a little information about the material of the next development. He said that design a new competition just need to transfer artists, but design a new category needs a complex procedure. Because they have added the new category - Loss of lifestyle Dark night in Anger of the Ling Master, they may not add a new category in the next development. Maybe we will not encounter new category battling for Cheap WoW Gold. But it is "may be", we just have to wait and see.

The new races may appear in the new development. There are a lot of them that we already know about that are animals that are out there.

At last, about the new MMORG Blizzard never exposed, Chilton said it doesn't enter the essential level. But they hope the encounter will be popular all enough time.

It is a very exciting appointment. Although Chilton didn't really reveal the facts, we have rough understanding about the plans of Blizzard in the next two decades.
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