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The eagle change idea may trade gwaihir the lakers into the rockets for enemy

Posted Jan 22 2013 1:13am
To trade deadline may fall out of the star analyse. The author Chad ford think, eagle is likely to change the idea, to meet a suitable offer after josh Smith traded, and the rockets, the lakers, celtics team and are "eagle king" of potential new club. Nike Air Max TN"The eagle received a lot of inquiry call, but they don't want to give up until josh Smith, because management that leave Dwight Howard Smith can attract in this summer to join in Atlanta. But now they get Howard hope is suspended, eagle away Smith's time seems to have come." Ford said in the column. Last summer, the eagle through the trading off the Joe Johnson, josh Smith to become the new "eagle king". Management has repeatedly statement said they will Smith to set up for the reconstruction of the core team, does not consider the possibility of a trade. But because of the recent and management happened friction, Smith missed Wednesday's training, and is the team a one-match ban, missed the Thursday and basket network game. Smith's agent said yesterday that his client is very depressed, but no request transaction. But it can see that, the core management by suspension, must be a big conflict, perhaps this is the eagle next trading Smith lay the basis. "The rockets and the lakers, Dallas, Celtic, bucks, Toronto this 6 teams, all is the Smith's potential buyers. The biggest problem is, Smith is in career DianFengQi, market is very good, who can afford a higher price?" Ford said. From the point of view of ford, if rockets team can open enough attractive chip, the eagle is very likely in the trading deadline to give up the Smith's. If the Atlanta people really do this, that they will get to rebuild some young players as chip return, for the rockets this certainly is a good, because their hand holds a lot of "potential shares". Nike Air Max 360 Once the eagle management decided to trade josh Smith, that the lakers and the celtics and the team will also join the ranks plunder. Considering the close relationship and Howard Smith, the lakers in the race also to have certain advantages. How much more they are in trouble, it must be a motion force good post players to improve the team's run boom quality, this is likely zijin corps in trade negotiations are willing to put more "blood".James and kobe Bryant who is more strong? The answer in Beijing time yesterday's staples arena announced, "little emperors" in 39 points and eight assists and seven rebounds, leading the perfect performance of the heat away a 99-90 victory over the lakers, and the all-star game "ticket king" only kobe Bryant scored 22 points. The rockets away against the pacers. After the loss to the mavericks, the rockets had the longest losing streak of the season 5. Accordingly, the pacers are enjoying the ten years the longest winning streak at ten. Season so far, the rocket is averaging 105.4 points, but the pacers second in the league at home during the 10 straight points is averaging only 89.1 points. The game is the pacers strike terror in people, XiBoTe and George and flowering hit 5-0 start. Parsons long shot three into the rockets first on record, although George then continuous a 3-pointer, and LinShuHao lead the rockets quickly back to tie the game to 11 - and flat. Nike Air Max 360 Mens But the rockets perimeter defense too bad, Stephenson hit the pacers fourth three points. Parsons and made o after scoring, but George 3 has reignited the pacers onslaught, a wave of 14-4 offensive climax will gap widening to ten points. Haddon three long shot hit, George soon continuous jumper scoring jumped to 16 points. At the end of first quarter, the rockets and 31 - behind the pacers, George single day off (the and points.The league announced the list of perspective, the eastern lineup for rondo, dwyane wade, lebron James, carmelo Anthony and Kevin garnett, The western lineup is Paul, kobe Bryant, Kevin durant, griffin and Howard. From the list of finalists, it is easy to see the celtics, the heat, the clippers and lakers players the most popular. Although the lakers and celtics record at present general, but they also and the heat, the clippers, have their own two players selected. Be worth what carry is, Bryant was elected for the 15th time all-star starting created the NBA history record, beyond the previously continuous 14 times short-listed jerry west, Karl Malone and shaq o 'neal. Another 15 Peter all-star, let him be tied for second in the history of shaq, second only to kareem abdul-jabbar 19 times. Nike Air Max 360 Womens At the same time, in the vote for statistics, Bryant although advantage is not big, but still force pressure of king James ticket. Unfortunately, the lakers and the heat yesterday in the direct dialogue, Bryant after losing to James, he not only lost the game, but also lost and James data, including Peter got only 22 points, James have 39 points sum. Also a pity that there are people in Houston. As the host, they don't have a man named to the starting lineup, whether haring combination o or made, and their position in the big gap between the players there. They can only look forward to the coach's favour, see if there is a chance to substitute the identity at home it.
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