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The clippers green army to discuss business with KG to Jordan + bligh line in Kevin garnett

Posted Feb 18 2013 2:36am
The clippers again with the celtics Kevin garnett to discuss business, and the clippers may give chip is a small Jordan + bligh line. All star weekend team is a good time to contact each other, and the clippers and the celtics are trading again about Kevin garnett is discussed. Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes It is reported, current trading the greatest obstacle is Kevin garnett hand "trading veto" overlord terms, that is to say even if the clippers and Celtic conclude the transaction, garnett also has the right to veto the team's decision. However, on the other hand, KG is also very likely come Los Angeles. Kevin garnett in Los Angeles malibu has a house of his own, the offseason often for holiday, and Kevin garnett and Chauncey billups relationship is very good, this could be the garnett agree to trade catalyst. As for the clippers dare to trade the outstanding bligh rope, outside guess is that management is basically done Paul's contract. If Kevin garnett to join the clippers that Paul will undoubtedly more determined in Los Angeles. Kevin garnett is expected to become the clippers spiritual leader and inside defensive barriers, and will quickly help griffin mature, and veteran Chauncey billups will make up for the vacancy left bligh cable.Kobe Bryant still had time to fill in the personal introduction, in Beijing time yesterday morning made their first micro bo, ambitious in valentine's day let clippers heart. "Black mamba" charm is enough big, just one day, his fans number is close to 350000, by nine o 'clock yesterday evening, a micro bo forwarding number also reached more than 60000, comments the same as many as 40000 more than 5000. High popularity and didn't give kobe Bryant bring good luck, in the NBA all-star weekend until the last match, "black mamba" but in eye-catching "Los Angeles Derby" on a disgrace. Cheap Lebron X Twenty points, 11 assists, Bryant's personal data and is not too ugly, but in court, facing the final condition good the clippers, "black mamba" obviously cannot rely on personal power to save the team. The game, the lakers have the most long lagged and points, the final whistle, when the spurs 101-125, the staples center a hissing chorus. Lose really let a person sad, but more let kobe Bryant and the lakers embarrassed, this season's three "Los Angeles Derby", they are on the losing side. From once undisputed Los Angeles eldest brother, up to now the city is the brother often "pain flat", now the lakers really some "wall down all push" taste. Speaking of lose reason, in addition to the lakers stars collective downturn, but the clippers "three points rain" is also a important reason. The clippers game for 3 and 16, direct Bryant tube became "a drowned rat". After the game, the clippers dressing room like in the feast, and the lakers side is inanition. "We should go to look in the mirror and see if we really want to what course to follow this season." Metal gray face Bryant said after the game, "as it is in this way, we will inevitably have a very failure season. Now has come to life and death moment."The NBA all-star weekend, he will and fifty years old drexler, 49 hakeem olajuwon and 46 years old with a dunk dikembe mutombo as the judges of the contest. Four judges all worked in the Houston rockets effect. Cheap Kobe 8 At present, yao Ming has arrived in Houston, he jokingly said, only 32 years old, with three predecessors to join the team, can certainly "the judges to reduce the average age". Previously, the NBA has released all-star dunk contest of the players, the three players are the jazz Evans, the clippers bligh line and nuggets method reed; The eastern three players pacers is green, the raptors terence Ross and knicks white. This year's dunk contest will take the form of the fight.The trial will last three to five days, and there are two of the judges think heng fries lawyer has enough time to prepare for trial. As last season's total runner-up, thunder this season's strength is weakened, the departure of haddon to the bench damage due to recent twice is not the heat. At present thunder to 39-14 record in the west, but the team hope that young players and draft picks to get a good player, attacking talent to Kevin durant and the brook, bring greater help. Although Anthony against the Toronto raptors game hurt his right arm, but he still will be starting against all star series, this is the sixth time his career for the all-star game. The blazers forward and g's performance this season, averaging 29.2 minutes for contribute 12.7 points and 10.3 rebounds, so well, lets hope reinforcements reinforcing frontline basket and see in the eye. Kobe 8 Shoes But the nets want to get through the transaction and g's also faced with some problems, and g's veto, and having a trading once he be traded, will lose their right to Byrd.
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