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-Tell my Location- The Smart Phone App for early Memory Loss

Posted Jan 21 2011 11:49pm

This new app available for the Smart Phone, Android , was created with the Early stage Alzheimer’s or Dementia patient in mind. If the person becomes confused or disoriented, the mere push of a button on the phone can bring up a map with his exact location displayed, call for medical help and send his information directly to health-care professionals, should the need arise. It’s wonderful to see developers creating breakthrough products for Smartphones that can actually impact the lives of those living with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Dementia and offer more independence for them while still in the early stages.

Often the person with Early stage Alzheimer’s only needs a reminder or nudge to remember where he is and where he was going. Occasionally, the memory lapse is only a blank spot for a moment which is soon recovered. This app offers the assistance needed with a push of a button and the location map.

But it goes further–If the nudge doesn’t work and the person is still confused, he can also request help with a single button which will pull up visual photos and phone number for 2 family members. One push and they are reached for more help, if needed.

With their own Smart Phone Android and the Tell My Geo App, they can track the person with memory loss and find his exact location also.

Also included with the App will be a decal applied to the back of the phone; with identifying and medical information such as would be included on an ID bracelet. But medical information on the back of the phone is not the only medical assist received.

Ordinarily, you would not want all your vital health information on a small device in your hand, but in this case you surely would.

The Android App “Tell My Geo” not only has a phone number to call for help, this app for the Android has a comprehensive medical information component built in to it, containing a much more detailed storehouse of vital medical-related data and other information, as well as the built-in ability to forward that information to health support and/or emergency services personnel. The information stored (and updated) by and through the app, includes the app user’s medical diagnosis, allergies, blood type, medical history, doctor and emergency contact information.

And with the push of a button the patient can send his information directly to healthcare professionals, should the need arise. I was pretty excited when I saw this App and it’s abilities. Usually, developers are trying for bling or fun with new Smartphone apps, but this one is different. And, I’m sure anyone with Early stage Alzheimer’s will be as delighted as I was to find this product. Anything that allows the person with Alzheimer’s or Dementia to retain their independence is a PLUS!

The app does require at least two phones, though, one for the person being looked after, the other for the person doing the looking. One adhesive decal is supposed to be placed on the back of the phone being tracked, and a second on the rear window of the car of the person being tracked.

The Tell My GEO app is $9.95 per month
Tell My Geo™ Features Include the Following:

•    Tell My Geo™ can actually locate or track an Alzheimer’s patient or any other adult or child (the “Cared-For” user) with the touch of a single button on the Care Provider’s Smart phone for ultimate convenience.

•    Messages can be sent to the Cared-For’s phone using a special code that is picked up and responded to, thereby delivering the exact location of the Cared-For.

•    The Cared-For’s phone has special, easy to read “Where Am I?” , “Send Location”, “Call For Help” buttons that are made particularly accessible for the Cared-For user.

•    The Cared-For’s phone can be set to send regular updates on their physical location at periodic intervals or more often if necessary revealing exactly where their Cared-For is on a 15 minute, 30 minute, or hourly basis.

•    The prominently displayed “Where Am I?” button gives the Cared-For user immediate information and an invaluable daytime satellite map, along with an image of their current location.

•    The “Call For Help” button takes away the complexity and related anxiety that may be experienced by the Cared-For user from trying to dial a 10 digit phone number during a period of forgetfulness or panic.  One easy click displays the Cared-For’s two Nearest Relatives (name and photo), and with one more click on the name or photo, the phone will dial these numbers without any additional action on the part of the Cared-For’s user.

•    Critical medical information is stored in the phone and accessible by emergency personnel at a single click, and is editable by authorized care providers at

•    In the event of an emergency, the Cared-For user’s medical history and detailed, critical information can be forwarded to a hospital or healthcare provider with the simple touch of a button, saving time and delivering more accurate, updated and timely information relating to prior diagnoses, allergies, and medicines taking etc..

•    The app is available additionally in a specially skinned version for the Visually Impaired (macular degeneration, color blindness, disambiguation, etc.)

•    Tell My Geo™ is available in English as well as Spanish.

This is what you’d actually see on the face of the phone: Notice the extra large letters on the left


No doubt about which button to push when you’re already feeling disoriented and lost


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