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team often ran to the halfway

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:43am
Snow sealing way rush evil spirit manager in a foreign trade company

Mr. Ding is the town of
nike air max 95 uk sale    shaoxing county  the President of a foreign trade company, jan. 4 in the afternoon I have a batch of goods will be sent to ningbo port.

According to the arrangement of the logistics company, the company please come as early as four o 'clock before the porters, ready to put a standard loading of the

goods. But in the evening QiBaDian, still not container car. Until eight o 'clock in the evening, a car to drive to the door of the company, but the porter has to go


Finally, Mr. Ding to the driver arranged hotel for a night, the second day morning, to get a container of the goods shipped in full.

"Good afternoon highway opened in succession, otherwise miss the shipping date, and to make an overseas call to the customer explains." Mr. Ding said, he is the order

of payment l/c, if miss the shipping date is a discrepancy, also need to change. Luckily, the next day the goods on time on the boat, from a lot of unnecessary trouble.

"Addition directly sent to the port of bulk cargo, there must be a wrong shipment." Shaoxing county a logistics enterprise of miss king tells a reporter, jan. 4 in the

afternoon the seal, the company's employees in a big mess, and contact with the team, as they approach the foreign trade company, only QQ chat window is opened 20.

Fortunately, finally all the goods smoothly on the ship. She estimates, however, the foreign trade company to Shanghai or ningbo port cargo, may be because of the heavy

snow stranded in the port, can't ship on time.

Domestic fabrics check in time is to lengthen

Heavy snow day not only let cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse uk   the foreign trade company fabric export is affected, light textile city a lot shipped to all over the country fabric in transit time also

widely extended.

"Snow did the impact for us, many parts of the goods at least late one day to arrive." North market on the first floor, jie textile, a staff told reporters to fujian's

products, for example, one day can to originally, but now I have two days. Sales department, he said, now the goods sent to all parts of the country, there are in

transit time.

ChengYingHai is the addition of a consignment of the person in charge of the main run shandong Qingdao line. He told reporters, affected by the heavy snow weather, his

team often ran to the halfway, meet the highway seal, and the long delivery time. In addition, because the bus cannot come addition, a lot of buyers purchase plan so,

so that reduce the amount of delivery the consignment department.

Textile city YunGuanSuo relevant person in charge told reporters that influenced by the national snow and ice weather, light textile city there were sent to all parts

of the goods in transit time increased. Such as luoyang original 2 days can reach, now want to about 3 to 4
nike air max 1 uk sale     days. Inner Mongolia baotou line 3 or 4-day can achieve

normally, need eight nine days now. By truck, he said, the reason for the delay, the main or high speed way, time for a walk.
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