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Syria opposition limit foreign embassies and consulates and representative offices within 72 hours from Syria

Posted Nov 12 2012 6:55am

Syria  Cheap Beats By Dre  opposition armed "Syria free army" said in a statement yesterday, governments around the world to stop and BaShaEr regime of any contact, foreign embassies and consulates and the representative offices must be within 72 hours away from Syria, otherwise will be regarded as BaShaEr authorities slaughter people's accomplice.

Al jazeera reported that held in doha, the capital of Qatar Syria the opposition conference just unified overthrow BaShaEr authorities position and elected a new leadership mechanism, in the territory of Syria biggest armed forces "Syria free army" 11th it published a strongly worded statement: the Arab countries and other countries in the world in Syria embassies and consulates and the representative offices must be within 72 hours away from Damascus, governments around the world to interrupt and BaShaEr government relations, the various countries' Cheap Beats By Dre  government minister can't to Syria access or and BaShaEr authorities have the contact, otherwise will be regarded as BaShaEr authorities slaughter people's accomplice. In addition, Arabia and other countries in Syria company within 72 hours to stop working. "Freedom of Syria's army" the statement also said that Arab and other countries and investors in Syria have investment project Syria overseas nationals must immediately stop in Syria all economic activities within the territory of the.

Declare special emphasis on, in violation of the above statement, actual it is the help BaShaEr authorities slaughter Syrian people, rob Syrian people's property and resources, destroy the Syrian people to pursue freedom and democracy of hope, we will put them as BaShaEr authorities slaughter people's accomplice.

The Middle East has analysts pointed out that Syria free army at this statement, the consequences will be counterproductive, will give just held in doha opposition conference results cause serious negative effect.

British authorities stunningly proposed amendments to the eu ban on Syria to allow opposition to  Cheap Beats By Dre  provide weapons. Syria opposition list a weapon demand list, says these weapons will help them to overthrow BaShaEr President.

However, with the rebels publicly admitted executed captive, radical islamic groups are combat plays an increasingly important role, Cameron proposal under the state council in the United States and other places has caused vibration.

A western diplomat said: "this is very interesting, have to ask Cameron wonder what."

The diplomat is in doha, the capital of Qatar comments. Here, a group of Syria's exiled opposition western and Arab supporters in recent days has been trying to persuade the opposition manufacturing a united illusion.

Cameron and its European Allies, including France and Italy, all believe that as long as the western in providing weapons bold action, we will be able to achieve the expected victory.

But the move may cause the opposition. The us embassy in Syria ambassador Robert ford has repeatedly publicly and privately said, the United States does not provide heavy weapons decision not to change.

A western diplomat said: "the United States is certainly the most careful all parties.

18 months ago, Cameron and the French President, nicolas sarkozy, had will be nervous  cheap beats  barack Obama into action in Libya. But Cameron can again it is difficult to succeed.

Syria the opposition group participated in the doha talks. There are fears that, there are islamic tendency of Syria national committee may be in the new opposition alliance was marginalized.

The United States and Qatar has urged headquartered in Syria of overseas Syria national committee to join a will be called "Syria national alliance" reverse BaShaEr alliance. Well-known dissidents Syria in the DE "YiFu has proposed, this union should be free in the Syrian army combat Syria of armed rebel groups including come in.

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