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Sweat it out 29 years the clippers play lifting wire counter attack take show time is no longer a dream

Posted Dec 26 2012 1:05am
Team 43 years history, 29 years in Los Angeles, share staples 13 years, the clippers will the lakers for the first time the dust remote may not and, show time, it seems that belong to the group the red. At midnight, staples center is not the noise of the scattered everywhere, and off the pitch is effervescence fans. The clippers in the dressing room, Lamar odom took his time in the clothes, his face a smile, look at his teammates children playing hide and seek game in the dressing room. About an hour Cheap Kobe 8 ago, the clippers just in their own home victory over the king, hao 12 straight, broke the team s longest streak. The next day, they win on the road, the sun will be extended to streak 13 games. Record night, odom's mind out of the 12 years ago the nightmare, in recent years, 17 straight nightmare has been lingering heart Lamar odom. This time, perhaps is Lamar odom last recalled the nightmare because 17 straight nightmare, now has been the joy of 12 straight away. Look around, Lamar odom in the line of sight of each teammate body for a second. Floor decimated olowokandi now change to violence center DE Andre - Jordan, Maurice Taylor became Blake - griffin, Troy Hudson into the Chris Paul... "When I was here we have even lost twenty field (actually Lamar odom in the clippers, even the most lost 17 games in history. The clippers losing streak for twenty games, was in 1994)," the clippers and eighteen years ago when losing streak only 15 years old Lamar odom said, "so to Kobe 8 Shoes me, and winning streak record means a lot in the dressing room before the game. I will tell you to let them know that we are now doing and its meaning, and why won the game is very important to us. Can be changed part of the tradition of the team is very important to us. We are here now is beginning to do some special things." The clippers are changing their team history, but also in the subversion Los Angeles, staples center tradition. "Show time" return again, but do not belong to the Los Angeles lakers long-term overlord, but most of the time the past few decades for the league to sneer at the clippers. 21-6 negative, between the clippers have quietly climbed to the west second, and noble zijin army the lakers this season record is only 13-14 negative in the west, 11th, they have been behind the clippers for eight games, the last time they won 13 winning streak is 11 years ago things (when the lakers is 15 straight, and ultimately the title). Even if the lakers legend "magic" Johnson, the lakers old will Derek fisher all think the clippers take "the king of Los Angeles" position is very early, but at least, the clippers are on the road to hijack the class. In the league and a season, the clippers have no a season like this season, this scene in Los Angeles, in Kobe 8 Christmas recent years the clippers always short the lakers a head, record the number, title says it all. From 1970 the clippers (was also called buffalo warriors) into the NBA, they follow the lakers played a total of 193 games, the lakers to a 143 - fifty negative occupied the absolute weather, losing is as high as 74%. The 1984-85 season, the clippers moved to Los Angeles from San Diego, officially became the lakers' rivals. But, from the start of the season with the lakers, the clippers in the play 127 games, only won one of the 30 games, the lakers won 97 games, the clippers (only 24%. In the 1980 s, it is "show time" has swept across the time, "magic" Johnson lead magnificent the lakers, in the 1980 s won five championship, and two fold halberd finals experience. When the lakers play "performance time" randy lerner, the clippers is going through this continuous 15 season the playoffs sadness rush time. The 1986-87 season, the lakers win the whole season, the clippers have 12 wins, the data is the clippers in the lockout-shortened season history under the worst record. In the autumn of 1999, staples center is put into operation, the clippers moved away from the Los Angeles memorial sports center, the lakers would move away from the west BBS arena, the two sides become the same under the eaves of the competitors. But, with the lakers Shared a home has not let the clippers to touch the light, instead, they became rivals foil. Since 1999, the clippers with the lakers in the record was 14, 19-31 losing is only 27%. "The autumn of 1999: staples arena in operation, but the clippers in their own home quickly by overwhelming to second-class residents." The famous American sports reporter bill Cheap Lebron X simmons once wrote, "the lakers have the right to choose the date of all home game (including Friday and Sunday evening), and for the clippers left is to pick on Monday night, such as New Year's eve, Martin Luther King, jinri, on Wednesday before Thanksgiving or Sunday afternoon football game time. Hello, called staples, you so also match is a clippers season ticket holder?" This is the clippers awkward place, in the trade for Paul before the clippers team over forty years history, no season season tickets sold out. In Los Angeles, staples center, and they are always the lakers' background, their presence, as if to set off the lakers' great.
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