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students have more or less change

Posted Jan 07 2013 3:44am
At present, this batch of project progress smoothly, qinghai province development and reform commission will actively coordinate the competent industrial department and

project unit, strengthen
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service system construction project smooth implementation, realization project anticipated target.

"Golden cup, the silver cup, as the public praise of the people, the gold, silver, as the case with the citizen's praise! Only on the ordinary post ever do satisfy the

people's police, for the golden graces the old shield!" In the face of reporters, double counter branch flag PanJinShi public security bureau police station deputy

director of the agency LiuDongXu recognizes his truth.

Dream come true when the police

Interview, LiuDongXu to reporters about his "police" and professional.

"When the police is the dream of my childhood." LiuDongXu bones like police this profession, and the like from the dream when I was a child.

LiuDongXu's uncle is a policeman, from looking at uncle dressed in police uniforms, LiuDongXu special envy, at that time, he just think the police is clouded, very cow,

say then he concept of "justice" is a word also don't have any.

In high school second grade, a
cheap nike air max classic bw   class meeting on the study of liberal arts LiuDongXu loudly say his own ideal: "I want to be a policeman." At that time, many students in

the class are very surprised, think this is impossible, LiuDongXu desk mate even ask him: "you can also when the police?"

Students at that time why do you ask? Listen to a reporter's question, LiuDongXu smiled and said: "in fact, I sit at the same table not malicious, he thought that the

police are export-oriented, can say the good way, but when I go to school in the shy and introverted, not love to talk, talk a face is red."

Holding a faith, in 1986, LiuDongXu dreams come true, finally became a glorious people's police.

"I was in high school in 1991, to 2011, when we met senior high school classmate party 20 years, students were very surprised to see me, when I go to school with two

character is kind, is two people." LiuDongXu said.

Twenty years, students have more or less change, and LiuDongXu changes is the largest. LiuDongXu told reporters: "when the police is in itself a exercise."

Love to stay in the people heart

Since the first day of work, LiuDongXu stood in the community police post.

LiuDongXu said: "no matter what work, need to have a responsibility. When the police more responsibility." He put his share of the responsibility is heavy.

LiuDongXu said: "most community police contact with ordinary people, ordinary people like my parents and cheap nike air max excellerate   family, my job is to depend on their support, so every time

meeting things, I stood on the side of the people think more about it."
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