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Strategies for Coping With Senile Dementia

Posted Jun 13 2010 12:00am
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Dementia refers to the loss of mental functioning. It slowly progresses over time. Having a diagnosis of dementia does not mean your life is over. It means it will be different than you had planned.
Experiencing a wide range of emotions is normal just as with the news of any serious disease.
Make your life as good and as easy to cope with as possible by sticking to these important strategies.

Physical Functioning

Exercise is importantTaking responsibility for your physical well being is important in slowing the decline and coping with dementia. Going to a doctor who is an expert in dementia, on a regular basis, insures that you will get the best treatment possible. Eat a healthy diet including plenty of fruits, vegetables and fish. Exercise at least five days a week for 30 minutes per workout. Doing these things will not only make you feel better and slow down the progression of dementia but will likely promote better sleep.
Going outside and getting plenty of sunshine makes you feel better and boosts your vitamin D level. Adequate vitamin D helps reduce dementia symptoms.

Mental Stimulation

Stay mentally activeEngaging in mentally stimulating and other favorite activities everyday keeps your dementia from progressing as rapidly and helps you to cope better. Try a wide variety of activities. Modify activities with the help of a family member or friend, if necessary, to ensure success.
Going to the senior center in your town is a good option. Most provide transportation. All encourage socialization and offer a wide range of activities.
At home, trying more difficult tasks at the times of the day when you are most focused and most alert is best. Give yourself enough time to work on jobs like paying bills or balancing your checkbook.
Keep a written schedule of your days events including appointments.
When staying at home by yourself is difficult and unsafe, attending adult day care is a good choice because they provide activities that those with cognitive impairments enjoy that are success oriented.

Precautions and Safety

Make sure your home is safe. Injury from falling all of Strategies for Coping With Senile Dementia
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