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Sore Gums

Posted Dec 08 2008 6:07pm
We all know that Muddear doesn't have any teeth, nor does she have dentures. This has never posed a problem with Muddear's eating habits. She eats fried chicken, potato chips, crackers, cookies and everything crunchy in between. However, every now and then, Muddear will refuse to eat a meal (or several meals) because her gums are sore. For the most part, I try to be very understanding of this, until I feel like Muddear is pulling my leg.

For example, on Saturday I made Cream of Wheat for breakfast. For anyone who has never enjoyed a steaming bowl of Cream of Wheat... it  is very soft and creamy. You can eat an entire bowl of Cream of Wheat without taking a single bite. Simply open your mouth and swallow. Thus, I am sure you can imagine my surprise when Muddear told me she could not eat her breakfast (Cream of Wheat) because her gums were sore.  I began to wonder, how many times has Muddear refused to eat by using the "sore gums" excuse? I was completely tickled to realize... Muddear's been pulling my leg!
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