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Sharing for fitness Defense lucky - Zhongguancun explore fitness

Posted Dec 05 2012 2:20am
A few days ago, the last station 2012 Zhongguancun National Projects organized Drivers central area of ??innovation activity range of fitness by the People's Government of Haidian District'S - Sports Fitness Forum Haidian sports Spa instead Center, the forum "the promotion of health sciences fitness" as the subject to explore how the methods and the importance of form and movement science club. Forum Beijing Sport University professor Mao Zhixiong, Wang Zhengzhen, Beijing Normal University Professor Yao Yan, CEO of Fitness Yan of China Sihai sport psychology at the 300 companies present Haidian Park, on behalf of physical activity such as anxiety and stress other negative emotions eliminate explain, analyze and compare the differences in the concept of fitness in the Youth Jason Pierre-Paul Jersey culture of the West, from different backgrounds and Manners and recent theory fitness, and how the physical movement of the staff of the Office of Science and Technology Park to identify strengthen dialogue.
Would be of Haidian District, the central area of ??Zhongguancun National Pilot Projects Innovation Series white zone events fitness this year, from May to November, and die show the contents of any high-end series Zhongguancun Science Park, Col fitness level and masses Sports Fitness Project properties Diversified gradually formed each group in the region of large a number of activities, and participate in the Haidian District work based Highlights of death within six months high-tech companies IN Haidian District, more than 3,000 companies in the Parks workers participation Jason Pierre-Paul Nike Jersey of a number of fitness activities to the initiation of a series of activities, uh bidirectional communication between business and science of technology in promoting the park take, has been recognized by workers Parks generally reflect the activities of the year healthy, very popular. at the forum also held 10 outstanding in 2012 honored the central area of ??Zhongguancun National Innovation Pilot Projects range of fitness activities area.
S reporter also learned that forum, Haidian District, a number of activities planned for the next year based National Pilot Projects Zhongguancun Innovation Zone Sports Fitness reserved by the masses Basketball Football Challenge Classic Badminton Championship ping tennis welcome ring game, on the basis of the struggle for power is swimming, hiking, biking Youth Victor Cruz Jersey three activities. Cycling activities benefit Haidian District, strung take three mountains and five gardens "investment channel leisure to build the project," astride "a charming building activities Haidian District, activities fitness Iceland green project. Li Feng, deputy secretary of the Sports Bureau Haidian District, of, Fengtai District Sports Office in the future to continue to promote public service Die, build a bridge, platform and methods of fitness to through the promotion of science and civilization. Develop a better understanding of fitness in the High-Tech Park, good exercise habits in society overall fitness IN defender fitness, a good atmosphere and environment for the pursuit of a civilized lifestyle and healthy to participate formed, and the people of the region sharing sports fitness health happy. It is composed by feriadefenomenosjerseys 12.05.2012
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