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Shadowbox Press – Innovative Products for the Memory Impaired

Posted Mar 03 2013 4:02pm
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Interactive Books for the Memory Impaired

Shadow Box Press creates books for the memory impaired. Books that are more than “picture books” or “storyteling!”

The mission of Shadowbox Press is to develop interactive products for memory-impaired adults to revisit and share memories through the experience of reading. Yet, some people with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or other memory-loss have impairment too severe for reading.

My mom was an avid reader and could often be seen with an open book in her lap. I’d watch as she read a single page and turned to the next. Then a bewildered look would wash over her face before she turned back to the page she’d already read. This scenario played-out over and over as her memory could longer span the time it took to turn the page.

The Shadowbox Press Books have solved this issue. Each page is a story within itself. When you turn the page a complete, new story is there to read on the next page. With large, colorful photos and extra large, bold text each book is easy to read and follow along. Every book can be read independently by the person with memory-loss or shared by a caregiver, loved one, staff member or volunteer.

As anyone who has been a caregiver knows, there is nothing like a loved one’s smile of accomplishment and happiness when they are able to do something which had previously been impossible–like Reading!

Of all the requests this website receives each month “Ideas for activities” for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss is at the top of the list.

The Shadowbox Press Books solve this issue. Besides the wonderful short stories on each page, there’s a surprise in the back of each book.

  • Conversation starters: A series of four questions which correlate with the pages in the book. These include both open-ended and closed-ended questions to ask your loved one. My mom was in late stage Alzheimer’s when she passed away but she could have responded to many of these “Conversation Starters.” A great source for the caregiver who is sometimes speechless with the person who has memory loss.
  • Sensory Stimulation Activities: With the help of a caregiver, these is a long list of activities that correlate to the pages of the book. Simple activities such as assembling a puzzle, clipping coupons, or snuggling a stuffed animal. And a few outdoor activities if weather permits.
  • Creative Expression Activities: These are arts and crafts projects that are simple to make and easily accomplished with a little assistance. They will certainly bring pleasure to the person with memory loss who still feels a sense of pride for such an accomplishment.
  • Physical Movement Activities: Easy to do indoor and outdoor activities that bring pleasure, build strength and stamina, and give that “ahh good” feeling to someone we love!

Shadowbox Press Books will spark the imagination, promote self-reflection, and provide a way to findshadowboxpress meaning in experiences. All accomplished with these books!
Any of these books would make a perfect gift for anyone with Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory loss.


Check out a Shadowbox Press Book below:

Dogs and Puppies – Heartwarming Stories of Man’s Best Friend are designed to provide an easy and effective way to improve the quality of communication between caregivers and memory-impaired adults. Dogs and Puppies chronicles the antics and adventures of man’s best friend. From playing catch in the park to rooting for scraps in the trash, each heartwarming tale accompanied by an endearing photograph, recalls a treasured moment of dog ownership.


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