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shade supra skytop iii uk and sunset shrouded figure of Shi Tiesheng era did not

Posted Jan 15 2013 3:10am
Found a "paradise" the Evening Bell of that curl Nana smoke sounded like a temple mountain, slowly swimming in the cool earth the air in the mountains; gurgle clear gurgling water to walk through the stone, then faint about about the flow of the distance; the dusk horizon of birds in bamboo Xuan Huan female clings to the old forest, regression looming on the horizon, I believe you will certainly be able to savor the "mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain" contend. Tao Yuanming may encounter something goes wrong, how can we let him Five Pecks of Rice to shift white first Heart, "restored to nature, the Tao Yuanming out of the footprint of his own era, perhaps the Wei and Jin Dynasties unique supra skytop ii cheap unfettered free and natural when the wind takes itself thought of "interesting" life, in short, Tao Yuanming let remember him. We can not retain yesterday, but can hold today, we can not determine the future, but we can still hold today.Every era, there are some people waiting for their faith, thus leaving them tough footprint.

These are called "Lonely Dancer" dancing has become admired by countless descendants posture. Shi Tiesheng can not walk. He forged a bond with the Beijing Ditan Park. Every day he Yaozhelunyi go Ditan reading, watching the sunrise and sunset, he said: "no place to go I would spend all day consumption in this garden like commuting to work, others go to work I roll a wheelchair to come here. Ditan Park was filled with quiet light, a quiet place to prepare for an utter prostration, shade supra skytop iii uk and sunset shrouded figure of Shi Tiesheng era did not give special protection to young people who grow up to 20-year-old suddenly paraplegia The sound and plump thinking of the great writer, after reading his works from his wise words, you will feel the human values ??and glorious. Shi Tiesheng, however his footsteps as distinct, Shi Tiesheng also let the future remember him.
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