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Senior Care for the Love of Mom and Dad – Can your aging parent still live alone?

Posted Aug 10 2012 10:20am
08/10/2012 By Leave a Comment

For most of us there comes a time when we are faced with making decisions about the care of an elderly or ailing parent. Lisa James has written this article with that time in mind and helps to answer the question… “What are the choices when our parents can no longer live alone?”

Senior Care for the Love of Mom and Dad

Some of us will face the possibility of having to get senior care for one or both of our parents. Mom and dad are no longer as vibrant and independent as they used to be because of aging. They have become that little old lady or man that we sometimes help cross the street.

The effects of aging has taken a toll on their health, which has deteriorated to the point of being unable to perform simple tasks or bodily functions. Your parents might have frequent episodes of misplacing things, or even becoming disoriented in familiar places, requiring the help of strangers to find their way home. They may be suffering from certain ailments that needs the attention of a qualified nurse.

Whenever you are confronted by this situation, you know that that it is time to arrange senior care for your loved ones. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances it might be very difficult for you to care for mom and dad on your own.

Some of us are at a phrase in our lives where we are terribly busy and leaving your parents alone, to fend for themselves, defeats the purpose of senior care. In other situations, even when you can care for your parents it is still might not be a good idea; because of where you live might have snow that can aggravate your parents arthritis.

Sometimes the best choice would be to opt for professional senior care where you are assured of a safe, comfortable environment with round-the clock care. Senior care for your loved ones can take several different forms depending on the level of care your mom, dad, aunt or uncle needs.

Senior Care Communities

These are well laid out communities for senior citizens, where they co-habitate and enjoy each others company. These communities have all the necessary infrastructure, amenities and qualified doctors, nurses, registered dietician and security personnel.

You can rest assured that senior care at these facilities ensures that your loved ones will get their medication on time. The meals will be specially prepared according to the doctor’s instructions. And with enough room for everyone their privacy is guaranteed. Residents at these senior care facilities are monitored 24/7.

Assisted Living

Your parents may be as sharp as a tack mentally, but they might need help with simple tasks like getting dressed, remembering to take their medication and other routine tasks. This is where a qualified nurse will be present when needed. For the most part, senior care assisted living allows your loved ones to carry on as before with professional help standing by.

Senior Care Specialized Programs

There is special care for senior citizens who suffer from Alzheimer or dementia or a form of immobility where a high level of care is required. Total senior care 24/7 is required in these cases, where the patient/resident is one-hundred percent dependent on the care-givers.

The benefit of senior care is that your loved ones are getting the professional care they need, without having to compromise their dignity.

Lisa James  is a well known author who writes articles about geriatric care. For more information about important choices for your parent–visit the website


Have you had to make this decision for your parent? Or, Does your parent still live alone?

It’s a difficult decision to move a parent from their own home. If you’ve found a good way to handle it, or want to share what worked for you– We’d love to hear.  We appreciate every comment–

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