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Santa Claus and the shepherds wear snow boots

Posted Nov 30 2012 5:27am
    A pair of snow boots, cheap canvas shoes  simple-minded, thick, looks on the people from the heart, a great sense of comfort. I did not expect this wind undefeated this year, but getting worse momentum. LIVS not too cold in winter in this grand launch of the new flax round snow boots, Shannon Elizabeth, Paris Hilton is also the major occasions, continue to show people feel warmth boots. Set off this round circle of the brain by LIVS the first wave of winter boots, it is easy to find the support of the stars, this simple and comfortable boots they interpreted pretty fashion Round of the autumn and winter snow boots so warm and popular No longer conflict.

   The right foreign flavor point, cheap shoes canvas  snow boots always easy to let everyone think of reindeer and Santa Claus. Last year, a rather "corruption" of friends to Finland over time pure Christmas. Came back, "counterfeit" snow boots always dismissive, often "in Santa Claus Village, Finland when ..." and so on, and souvenirs brought back from there - a pair of genuine boots, circle of friends to do the "roving exhibitions.

   To be honest, everyone still pretty envious, but, of course in accordance with the "custom" to pick some, such as the texture is too thick, the style is not new, or second-hand (local Santa through) " problems "out to same with her . Look back at their own snow boots, not so long history, a long history, profound culture and what, at least, wearing comfortable watching seductive, save meters in six months to Finland so far Amoy get back and do not spend another followed fashion footsteps did not fall. So after some self-comforting, it was nothing to regret and unsatisfied.

   Old people do not know much about Santa Claus, but very understanding of the culture and customs of the nation. So when I have a day when wearing snow boots and flattered to appear in front of them, the harvest of an amazing eyes and burst puzzled lament: "In the past, the sheep wear boots." By blow apart, I suddenly vaguely in mind starting in primary school textbook illustrations of prairie Heroic Little Sisters "article, seems to have seen such a style boots. Should say to Su Wu sheep ......? So start own immense snow boots imaginary.

   Santa Claus wearing a cold Christmas Eve to each household gifts the sheep people wearing guarding flocks of hunger in the snowy weather, which come to a common conclusion: working people love plain snow boots!

  The fashion seems increasingly respected simple, simple style, simple lines, simple materials ... snow boots really meet all these fashion elements. Snow boots style also from year to year change, no longer simply a uniform color and style. A cute pair of warm snow boots, people can find their own dazzling color "white" season.

  In Guangzhou with out snow, people often wears a pair of furry snow boots, imagining every step of stepping on the thick snow, and also do not have to worry about the risk of slipping. Whether imitate the shepherds or Santa Claus, secretly perfected the heart of everyone playing complex. Friend of mine said to me, she feels no immunity clumsy and honest things furry. I called her back and said: Well, this weekend go and buy another snow boots?
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