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Sale Authentic Cool grey 9s pre order online

Posted Dec 07 2012 8:48am

Mention UGG products, the majority of people first reaction is UGG Australia. This is the first sense that many consumers. But UGG Australia but not Australia brand, product is now is not in Australia production. But why UGG Australia and Australia have cut continuously, the reason also disorderly relationship.? Please look below for the motorboat jones 9's  material you will understand.
Some time ago, the author into Sydney central business district nearby a fashion shop, at present are all UGG boots sheep. But found shelf side stick a notice which said: we sell products are authentic UGG Australia products, different from the "UGG" brand.

The clerk Sara he man explained:  Cheap jordan shoes for sale"in Australia, UGG boots only refers to the sheep, not brand. And as a trademark 'UGG' brand by the American company master, so it is necessary to clarify the UGG is not those UGG." With a variety of questions, the reporter refer to the relevant material, found that the UGG behind hidden a period for Australian wretched brand strategy fiasco history.Before and after the first world war, UGG Boots sheep was born in Australia, the so-called UGG is English "Ugly Boots," is to Australia from such as boot. In 1979, a group called cloth Ryan Smith of Australian people put the domestic sheep leather boots to the United States for sale, and established the company specialize in sheep leather boots.

In 1995, the German Banks outdoor supplies company from  Buy cheap jordans online Smith bought UGG products business in the United States, the registered the "UGG" trademark. In 1999, DE Baxter writing many UGG Australia sheep leather boots manufacturer, require the other party to stop trademark infringement, then years on both sides dispute lawsuit.In 2006, a court final decision, "UGG" trademark to German Banks all company, but Australia related manufacturers can still continue to operate within the territory in Australia UGG boots. Thus, German Banks company established in the global monopoly "UGG" brand position, and Australia UGG manufacturers can only curled up in the domestic market, and shall not use "UGG" brand.

Reviewing the history, Australia met an untimely death. However, they also have to admit: lack of international vision, long-term content to mill operation, ignore the brand construction, is Australia manufacturers ancestral commercial wealth the root cause of the hand over with a bow. And smart people in the United States it is relying on the global business resources, insist on the brand strategy, to gain the initiative, accounting for the best.Due to the brand was registered native Australian UGG manufacturers lost to go out of the most important rely on. In addition, because many native Australian  motorboat jones for sale UGG producers, engage at will, difficult to form scale advantages in product design, profit space, using the international capital capacity and promote awareness is not hope the United States "UGG" admiration.

In recent years, the German Banks companies rely on "UGG" brand advantage, began to occupy the high-end and Australia dd market that many tourists to Australia only has knowledge of the United States "UGG", but not a UGG Australia. Many people even mistake Macao local products as fake, let related manufacturers are suffering. So, just had mentioned notice.
In Australia, ignore the brand construction, is not only  where can i buy motorboat jones confined to the leather products industry. Strolling in Sydney CBD nearby horse's street business district, the eyeful is international famous brands, but rare native Australian brand. Even in the dairy industry and traditional superior industry, and few Australian famous brands.

Australian business neglected brand construction is behind the domestic market is narrow, the scale of the enterprise, such as limited objective cause, but business owners XiaoFuJiAn, no long-term strategic planning business habits, no doubt, is also causes the Macao industry resources rich but lack of brand resources of the important reasons.Thus it can be seen, in the global business competition pattern, you don't walk out, you will be killed in. Only set up the consciousness of brand, initiative, to pre order motorboat jones 9s  become bigger and stronger. Aware of this, to sit and have huge market and human resources for Chinese enterprises especially important and urgent.The American company registered "UGG" brand practice also remind China enterprise, in the capital flow pattern of globalization, enterprises in go out should not be limited to the promotion of goods and services, also must be good at using overseas advantage resources, through a variety of ways to occupy brand advantage.

China is now UGG production country, 90% of the global market UGG snow boots are produced in China. But in China high inflation s, for international brand OEM also can earn meager profit. Want to enterprise long-term positive development bottom go to, Jordan 11 bred for sale  have to go their own brands have a way out. UGG OEM for henan long abundant enterprise is a typical example. The factory not only for UGG generation of labor, but also accelerate the promotion of own brand Cozy Steps (, brand in China and the United States all have good success. In a few years could rely on independent brands to maintain enterprise operation.Business without borders, in promoting global brand strategy, to have long-term vision, not limited in a certain area, at the same time attack in order to defend donations.With the development of mice economy, all JingKai exhibition flowers, but the exhibition, who are many, but the level of the good and bad are intermingled. Enterprise can on show how much income are the most concernTo help distributors looking for brand, for supporting materials for manufacturers, the organization ShangQi field negotiate orders for exhibition target. The exhibition for exhibitors to service, service industry, let the exhibitors at the conference to the strength of the big brand publicity, promotion influence, and professional audience to discuss cooperation, develop the market, make industry information platform, and drive the shoe bags, leather industry better development.The planning a comprehensive coverage of shoes bag, leather industry and  Jordan 9 cool grey pre order downstream industry chain, really guide the industry within the industry face to face communication, cooperation and jointly promote the industry industry development.

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